In this article, we are going to tell you more about Mega Cloud service. We are going to focus on the level of security of this service. Before you decide that Mega Cloud is the best storage solution, you should check out the Mega Cloud plans and pricings reviewed by CloudStorageAdvice. So, let’s see how secure Mega Cloud really is.  Cloud Storage Service Security Problems While all of the cloud storage services promote themselves as being the most secure, there are some problems that can affect them. Some of them might be caused even by the users. Due to the fact that users don’t have a secure password or because they forget the encryption key, they risk losing all of their important data in no time.  One of the most common security problems in cloud storage services are the data breaches. This can be caused by human error, by a targeted attack or by poor security practices. Insecure interfaces are another problem that can cause data loss. System vulnerabilities are some of the most common problems when it comes to the cloud storage services. Because storage services are providing more and more features to make their services better, they can actually make the accounts more exposed to hijacking. Hackers can steal credentials and attack several accounts. This way, they can compromise the security of the services.  How Secure is Mega Cloud?  Now that you know some of the most common security problems that these services face, you are probably wondering how secure Mega Cloud really is. Fortunately, we are pleased to say that this service is one of the most secure cloud storage options on the market. If you are afraid that your account might be hacked or that your data might be stolen, you should choose Mega because it is indeed safe.  How does Mega keep your data secure? First of all, you should know that this service uses in-browser symmetrical key encryption. This service uses the “see no evil” principle. This means that not even the employees from Mega can see your data. This is a great thing but it also makes it impossible to recover your encryption key when you lose it.  You are the only one who can see the files and folders you stored. Also, you are the only one who can make changes to the files and sync the new version. The password selected by is the one that generates the encryption and the login credentials. Mega Cloud is not even going to know the names of the files you stored with their service. This is why it is important not to lose your password because you are never going to see those files again.  Even when you share these files, they are still secure. The system uses a cryptographic key when you share the files via link. Your password is also the one that generates every key for every folder or file you store on Mega Cloud. You need to provide the file-specific key to the people you shared the file with. Even though they have the link they still need the key to see the files. Although it seems a bit complicated, this high security is the thing that makes Mega Cloud one of the best cloud storage solutions.  This high level of security was not designed only for the users. It is also a great thing for the cloud storage service itself. Since they have no idea what you stored, they can’t report it. This way they have plausible deniability. Even if somebody stores something illegal, Mega Cloud can’t be involved because they don’t know anything.  Unfortunately, Mega is not the one that should be blamed when you lose your password or when you share your data. Because they don’t know the encryption keys, they can’t share them, which means that data loss or hacked data is on you.  All in all, Mega Cloud is a great storage service solution, especially if you are looking for a high level of security. There is no other service that uses this type of security measures. If you are looking for an affordable cloud service with many features and great security, Mega Cloud is the one for you.