We were eager to get our hands on Logitech’s iPhone transforming Case+ system immediately following its announcement. The idea is that this system is so versatile that it’s up to nearly any task you could ask of an iPhone case. It allows you to switch between rugged protection, wallet functionality, a windshield/dashboard mount, and a battery pack without having to remove anything.

Without the Case+, you would need to buy at least five different iPhone accessories to perform all of the same core functions that the Case+ offers: rugged protection, multi-angle stand, ID/credit card carrier, car dashboard/windshield mount, extended battery. It’s certainly a novel idea and an ambitious product from Logitech so head below to find out if we think the Case+ is worth investing in…

Case+ The most important part of the Case+ system is the basic case which acts as a foundation for all of the other included accessories. The review model we received featured a black matte, rubberized finish on the antenna band and the rear of the iPhone where the glass inlays sit. The middle of the case is brushed aluminum that serves as the magnetized area for other accessories to cling to.

I don’t typically use cases on my iPhones because I’ve found that many actually scratch iPhones during install/removal. For this reason, I was happy to see that Logitech included an ultra-soft liner on the inside of the case to avoid potential scratches from dust and debris.

There’s absolutely no ‘give’ between the case and the iPhone. It fits super snug but is still loose enough that it can be removed with little effort. All ports and buttons remain accessible while the case is installed. This case will protect your iPhone from minor bumps, but don’t expect it to provide extreme protection like a Lifeproof case.

+tilt This accessory attaches to the Case+ through magnetization and has three panels that can be folded into a triangle to prop up your iPhone (just like a Smart Cover) or act as an earbud holder. It also allows the case to adhere to nearly any metal surface with a strong magnetized grip.

I was able to attach it to my refrigerator and metal desk without any problems. It did not feel like it was going to slide on the metal surface at all. In fact, when I pulled the case away from the refrigerator, the +tilt panel pulled away and remained on the fridge. I can see this feature being helpful for cooks reading a recipe or mechanics following a repair manual, but other than that I’m not sure there’s much value to this feature during day-to-day use.

+drive Case+ attempts to simplify following turn-by-turn GPS directions while driving with the +drive windshield/dashboard car mount. It features a minimalist design, which is in stark contrast to similar products, because it attaches through magnetization rather than a clunky plastic locking mechanism. This makes it incredibly easy to attach your iPhone in the midst of driving.

My case+ equipped iPhone firmly connected to the mount once it got within an inch or so from its magnetized surface. It will connect to any part of the rear of your iPhone that has the metal plate.

Once attached, you can rotate your iPhone to change orientation. The mount is a tilt mechanism so you can position it at an optimal viewing angle. You’ll need to adjust this feature before attaching your iPhone since it requires a fair amount of force. It maintains a rock-solid connection so you shouldn’t have to worry about a pothole sending your iPhone flying across your dashboard.

The window suction cup is activated by a hefty dial and also maintains an extremely strong connection. The +drive is a standout feature of the Case+ that is better than almost all similar products.

+wallet Affix the +wallet to add easy access to ID/credit card slots. This is perfect for times when you don’t have any pockets and need to carry at least your iPhone, and two credit card sized items. The exposed side is covered in a durable fabric while the rear is a soft, leather-like material.

The +wallet works as advertised, but I wish the magnetization was a bit stronger because the wallet portion can be easily moved, which makes it susceptible to blocking the rear camera during general use. I generally wear loose fitting clothing so I didn’t have a problem with this, but I could see tight jeans repositioning the wallet when being removed from pockets.

+energy The final Case+ accessory is a 2300mAh MFi (Apple approved) Lightning battery pack that doubles the battery life of a stock iPhone. This is the only attachment that does not rely on magnetization. Instead, your iPhone is held into place by the the Lightning connector at the bottom and snap-in tab at the top.

Four LED lights on the back of the case display battery life and the adjacent button is used to start sending fuel to your iPhone. A Micro USB port on the left side of the case is used to charge it. The charging cable is included with the Case+. As you’d imagine, the battery adds a considerable amount of bulk to the iPhone, but thats a small price to pay for the extra juice it provides.

My only complaint with the +energy is the thick adapter that connects the iPhone to the battery. It protrudes nearly a quarter inch, and even though it feels extremely sturdy, I am still worried about hitting it in the wrong way and damaging the case. For this reason, I would probably only use it to recharge my iPhone instead of leaving it on throughout the day. My iPhone immediately recognized this power source and began charging and didn’t stop until the iPhone was at 100%.

Wrap Up Logitech Case+ is an extremely versatile iPhone accessory that makes your iPhone more powerful than ever, but at $200 it doesn’t make sense for everybody.

iPhone users who just got into the iPhone 5/5s form factor will get the most value out of the Case+ as we are expecting the iPhone 6 to sport a larger screen that will not be compatible with the current Case+. There’s no doubt each of these accessories has a high build quality and ace materials, but some buyers will still find it hard to pay the same amount for a case as they likely paid for their (subsidized) iPhone. I recommend the Case+ to iPhone 5/5s users who don’t mind paying a little bit more for a top quality product.

Case+ is now available for order from Logitech for $199.99 with free shipping.