iOttie launched its new lineup of iTap 2 magnetic iPhone car mounts last month and we’ve spent the last couple of weeks with the Air vent and Dashboard/Windshield versions. With strong rare-earth magnets and great designs, these mounts offer a solid in-car iPhone experience for any vehicle.

iOttie released three versions of the new iTap 2 Magnetic Car Mount: Air Vent, Dashboard/Windshield, and CD Slot. All are priced at a reasonable $25.


  • Rare-earth magnets offer a secure, strong grip and are safe to use with iPhone
  • Ball joint offers 360-degree adjustment
  • Includes both inner or outer magnet mounting plates for your iPhone or iPhone case
  • Air Vent model features a twist-lock mechanism for a secure fit
  • Dashboard/Windshield model features a sticky gel on the bottom of the suction cup base for a super secure mount
  • Compatible with all iPhones, even XS Max

Build Quality and Materials

I tested out both the magnetic inner plate and outer plate that you can use to attach your iPhone to the mounts. Both are easy to install and can be used with a case or just your naked iPhone. If you want to use iTap 2 mounts without a case, iOttie includes a protective film that can be placed on your iPhone before adhering the magnet (but keep in mind attaching it directly to your iPhone will prevent wireless charging).

For the inside magnet, I placed it in Apple’s silicone case. You can barely tell that it’s there when holding it. Visually, it isn’t really noticeable at all.

With the exterior magnet, I placed it on the back of my wallet case. I like the matte black finish which helps it blend in.

As for the mounts themselves, they are made up of plastic and offer a polished build quality and feel. Compared to other mounts I’ve used in the past, they definitely have a thoughtful design with the twist-lock on the air vent model and a gel adhesive on the suction cup mount. Both have 360-degree ball joints.

iOttie includes a one-year hassle free warranty on all of its products.

In Use

Over several weeks, I found both the Air Vent and Dashboard-Windshield iTap 2 Magnetic Car Mounts to perform well. I didn’t encounter any issues with the mounts slipping off the air vent or dashboard and the ball joints offer easy adjustment to get the perfect angle.

Having a magnetic mount means its seamless and fast to mount your phone in your car without having to fiddle with spring-loaded arms or other fasteners. iTap 2 Magentic Car Mounts also make it easy to switch between portrait and landscape mode in a jiffy. You can just rotate the mount’s ball joint, or quickly remove your iPhone and place it back on the mount in a new orientation.

There are a couple of pros and cons when deciding between a vent mount and dashboard/windshield mount. Vent mounts are nice if you’d like to keep your iPhone within reach and easy to view. But in the winter with your heat on, you need to watch out that your iPhone doesn’t overheat.

iPhone in portrait orientation with iTap 2 Magnetic Vent Mount

I didn’t get any warnings from my iPhone reaching its temperature limits, but it did get pretty warm after longer mountain drives in December.

iPhone in landscape orientation with iTap 2 Magnetic Vent Mount

I enjoy the Dashboard/Windshield mount as it’s easy to secure and also relocate it as needed. It can also offer the best views/angles for your iPhone. However, it can be more cumbersome to reach compared to using a vent mount.

iPhone in landscape orientation with iTap 2 Magnetic Dashboard/Windshield Mount

The suction cup along with the reusable gel adhesive makes it really easy to get a strong hold. It also doesn’t leave any residue or marks when removing and placing it somewhere else in your vehicle.

One downside with dashboard/windshield mounts is that they can block some of your field of view depending on where you place them.

Keep in mind, one other trade-off with all magnetic-style mounts is you won’t be able to use wireless charging when a case with the magnetic plate is being used.

I didn’t find this to be an issue as I typically take my wallet case off when I’m home and going to be using wireless charging anyway, but it’s an important consideration. This is why I opted to mount the magnets to my cases instead of directly to my iPhone X.


With sharp designs, great build quality, and a fair price, it’s easy to recommend iOttie’s iTap 2 Magnetic Car Mounts. As long as popping off your case before charging wirelessly isn’t a deal breaker, these offer a top-notch in-car solution.

If a CD-Slot mount is best for your car, the iTap 2 lineup includes a model for you as well.