We’ve previously taken a look at iOttie’s iON wireless charging lineup, and now we’ve gotten a chance to test out the latest offering in the iON series. The iON Wireless Stand Charger comes with the same sharp design as its siblings and features support for wirelessly charging in both portrait and landscape mode. It’s also compatible with everything from iPhone 8 up to iPhone XS Max.

In our review of the iON Wireless Plus and Mini chargers, we found them to be compelling options in a crowded market. However, iOttie didn’t offer a stand-style version until recently.


  • Qi certified, 7.5W for iPhones, 10W for Samsung and other compatible smartphones
  • Features two Qi coils to support wireless charging in portrait or landscape mode
  • Soft heathered fabric finish available in three colors
  • 65-degree angle
  • Works with cases up to 7mm thick
  • Includes USB-C cable and 18W power adapter
  • Compatible with iPhone 8 and later
  • 2-year warranty

Materials and build

Like the other iON wireless chargers, the exterior of the new stand version is mostly made up of a heathered fabric that provides a great look and feel. The base is composed of a satin finished plastic that color matches each of the three available options: grey, ruby, or ivory. I tested out the grey one that offers what I find to be a nice, clean aesthetic. It also pairs nicely with my space gray MacBook Pro and iPhone X.

The lip where iPhone sits has a rubber pad to prevent slipping and sliding as does the base of the stand. iOttie is using USB-C and it’s nice to see the cable and power adapter included.

All of iOttie’s products come with a “hassle free” two-year warranty.

In use

Stand-style wireless chargers offer a few advantages over pad-style chargers. Being able to view and use your phone without picking it up is a major one, but specifically for iPhones, you get the convenience of seamless Face ID use. When it comes to the iON Wireless Stand Charger in particular it’s become one of my favorite wireless chargers for a few reasons.

While I appreciate the design and look of the charger on its own without an iPhone on it, there’s another aspect that I really enjoy: it disappears when in use. With a width just shy of the iPhone X/XS, the only part of the stand you see when looking at it straight on is the curved base. This gives the iON Wireless Stand Charger offers a bit of a floating iPhone effect.

Another appreciated design choice was that the lip where the iPhone rests doesn’t come up above the bottom edge of the display, so there’s no interference with swiping up to unlock your iPhone X or later.

While I don’t often use my iPhone in landscape mode, having the option is nice. I would guess iPhone 8 Plus and XS Max users will get the most benefit with extra landscape interface features.

While many wireless chargers have adopted USB-C, not all of them work when plugging them directly into your MacBook. I was happy to discover that the iON Stand Charger works when connecting right to my MacBook Pro as well as with the included USB-C to USB-A cable and charger.

As for criticism, I’d love to see this made with the stand portion removable to offer both a stand and pad charger in one.

One other thing, there is an LED indicator when you’re charging, which I usually dislike. However, this one is a subtle solid white LED on the side of the charger which I didn’t notice even when using on my bedside table at night.


If you’re looking for a well-built wireless stand charger with a clean design, the iON Wireless Stand Charger is a great option. Priced at $45, it’s more reasonable than options from companies like Belkin and Mophie, but is a step up from budget chargers.