There are absolutely no shortage of battery case offerings for iPhone 6. Even though we’ve covered the best iPhone battery cases here, it’s sometimes overwhelming sorting through them all. The real winners are the ones with maximum battery capacity and some extra features to spice things up. Recently, I came across Dyconn’s i6 Power Case and was pleasantly surprised to find that it fits most of what I was looking for, but is it enough? Well, not only does this case pack a 3,200 mAh battery inside, it also features wireless charging. It’s not a must-have feature, but I sure do appreciate the convenience…

When I first received the case, the packaging wasn’t too flashy (a bit basic in my opinion), but I was more interested in the features/functionality. With 3,200 mAh, you can almost charge up an iPhone 6 twice. That was definitely appealing. On top of that, being able to recharge the whole package wirelessly means that I don’t need to shuffle around for my cable.

Inside of the box, you’ll find a Micro USB charging cable, headphone jack adapter, the case’s dock (for charging), and the i6 Power Case. It’s a pretty simple setup overall. There are pins on the bottom of the case that correspond to small plates on the dock. When these points connect, the case/iPhone begin to charge. It’s not Qi charging, but for the ease of use the conductive wireless charging will do just fine. Watch the video review for a full demo of this feature.

Check out our video review below:


The dock features its own fixed USB cable that can be plugged into your iPhone’s wall adapter for power. If you’re not in the mood for wireless charging, the Micro USB cable can be used with the port on the bottom for charging/sycing, but the iPhone will not sync through the wireless charging dock if plugged into a computer for power. Also, it’s important to note that the 3.5mm jack adapter may be necessary for certain types of headphones. Earpods fit within the recessed headphone jack just fine, but for anything wider you’ll need to keep track of that adapter.

The i6 Power Case is made from Polycarbonate and TPU with full protection for the iPhone. The side walls of the case are flexible (TPU) and allow you to slide in the iPhone without having to worry about disassembling anything. It provides a very secure fit and the rubber coating on the outside of the case feels good in the hand. If there’s one thing I’m not a fan of here, it’s going to be the rubbery matte finish. It feels great, but picks up prints and oils from your fingers very easily, thought that’s no different from most other battery cases. The i6 Power Case is surprisingly thin as well, only adding 1/4″ to the overall bulk of the device and about a half inch in height.

The lock/volume buttons are covered, but the case provides openings for the camera/flash and mute switch. On the backside of the case, there’s a small power button that will illuminate LED power indicators above it when pressed. If you hold down the button for two seconds it will begin charging the iPhone, an additional two second press will cut the power. As far as recharging goes, the instructions notes that it will take roughly 3.5 hours to fully charge the iPhone with its case and we found that to be accurate.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this battery case. It’s simple, provides a good amount of extra battery life, and features wireless charging. You also have the ability to purchase additional docks ($24.99) if you’d like to have more than one around the house or a spare for the office. If you’re interested in the whole package, you can pick up the MFI-certified Dyconn i6 Power Case (dock included) for $89.99. When compared to other battery cases on the market, it seems like a pretty good deal.