Readdle’s app Documents has long been one of the most complete solutions for managing your files on the go. With an intuitive interface and powerful download management features, it has been a solid contender in the file management app arena for some time.

Today, the company has launched version 5.0 of the software, introducing a host of new features and a colorful design refresh for iOS 7. Keep reading for a full review of the new look and features available in the latest update.

Form The biggest thing you’ll notice when you open Documents 5 is the redesigned interface. Everything has been flattened out to comply with the iOS 7 look and feel, but unlike many apps that removed elements to better blend in, Readdle has actually managed to add to the interface. Where many icons and navigation elements where once monochrome, the updated design features colorful—albeit much thinner—icons.

Function Functionally the app remains much the same as the previous version. A Finder-like icon grid, drag-and-drop file management, and an optional list view make up the bulk of the file manager. The file manager can be sorted by name, date, or file size.

An iCloud tab allows you to keep specific files in sync across devices, and a browser tab allows you to slide a full web browser into view, complete with bookmarks and support for downloading files into a user-selected directory within the app (even iCloud!).

You can search through the file name or contents of every file in your library with the speed of OS X’s Spotlight.

A button in the middle of the tab bar allows you to connect to an external cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox (among over ten others). New to the collection is support for Windows SMB servers.

A Wi-Fi drive feature allows you to connect to your phone from a remote device (such as your laptop). The app can also connect to remote devices (again, such as a laptop) over a local Wi-Fi connection, allowing full remote access to the computer’s filesystem from your phone.

New Features A brand-new add-ons system (unfortunately only available on the iPad version at the moment) allows interoperability between Documents and Readdle’s other apps. As an example, you could open an image in Documents, pass it to PDF Converter Pro, wait for a second while PDF Converter works its magic, then automatically pass the PDF file back to Documents, which stores it with your other files.

The add-on system doesn’t just promote using other apps, though. It can also be used to unlock new features inside the Documents app. Installing Readdle’s PDF Expert 5 will automatically add additional PDF editing features to the PDF viewer in Documents without even needing to open an external app. These extra features include things such as adding a signature and freehand drawing.

Other smaller additions have also been made to the file manager. Like in OS X’s Finder, you can now apply colored labels to files stored in the app.

Bottom Line and Availability Documents 5 is one of the most powerful and useful file management apps on the market today. Between the customizable file view, the ability to access an enormous variety of cloud services, add-ons for the iPad, full browser with the ability to download files from the web, there’s almost nothing you can’t do with it.

If you’re looking for a downloads manager, file manager, external storage device, or cloud service manager, you should absolutely consider taking a look at Documents.

Documents 5 is free. Yes, free for everyone, not just previous owners. You can (and should) download it on the iOS App Store right now.