It can be tough to stand out in the crowded market of Apple product accessories like iPhone and iPad stands. Yet Distil Union, a small company in South Carolina focused on design, has created a unique offering worth taking a look at. Using a blend of leather, felt, and steel, Stanley Stand offers a sharp look and feel without compromising flexibility.


Stanley Stand features Merino wool felt on the inside of the stand, premium leather on the outside, and a heavy steel core. Distil Union offers a total of six color options: black, brown, gray, lime, aqua, and red. All of the stands feature a light-gray felt with white stitching, with the black stand featuring a darker gray felt with black stitching.

I tested out the gray Stanley Stand which I think looks really great with the Black iPhone 7 Plus and Space Gray MacBook Pro. However, there are enough color choices to please anyone’s tastes.


I first became familiar with Distil Union when I purchased its Wally Case for iPhone for my iPhone 6 and then for my iPhone 7 Plus. The company puts a lot of energy and focus on using design to make life better and creating highly polished products. Stanley Stand definitely matches the high-quality form and function I’ve experienced with Distil Union’s other products.

The heavy steel core of Stanley Stand provides a really nice weighted feel and also provides the flexibility to shape the stand to a wide variety of angles. It’s designed to hold any iPhone (and any smartphone) as well as the iPad mini (or other tablets) up to 8-inches (just for kicks I tried a 9.7-inch iPad with Stanley Stand in landscape, which worked after altering the shape of the stand).

You can also conveniently charge an Apple Watch underneath your iPhone or iPad with Stanley Stand. Distil Union includes a one-year warranty on all its products as well as a 30-day return period.

Use & Feel

In my time with Stanley Stand I’ve enjoyed the variety of look and feel that the leather and felt bring to my desk. However, my favorite part about Stanley Stand and what makes it unique is its ability to be molded to almost any angle or shape that you need. Even the two smaller prongs on the stand that keep your device in place can be modified.

Aside from the standard shapes you might use from day-to-day with this stand, you can also modify it to hold your iPhone completely horizontally, and also for traveling it’s really convenient that the stand can morph to be totally flat.


With smart design, good looks, and quality materials, Distil Union’s Stanley Stand priced at $49.99 is a great option to provide flexible functionality at home, work, and while traveling for your iPhone, iPad mini and Apple Watch.

If you’re interested in any of Distil Union’s other products, they are offering a limited time Mother’s Day special right now for 50% off a Stanley Stand with purchase of another product.