When Apple decided to drop USB for USB-C I was actually excited about it, contrary to most people’s reactions. Thankfully there are many companies like 23Devices making solid products to help us be more productive with the tools we have.

You could chalk up my positive reaction to the fact that I was still using a 2013 MacBook Air at the time. However, when I bought a new computer I was worried that would change my perception of the shift. With a little help from the Chocolate Hub 2 all my fears and worries have disappeared. And then some.

If you have used a MacBook since the change to USB-C chances are you’ve needed a “dongle” or two to make all of your legacy accessories function properly. It sucks carrying around multiple little cables that can be easily lost. With Chocolate Hub 2 you only need to carry around one.

One of the best things about the Chocolate Hub 2 is its size. I don’t have very big hands, but it is still smaller and thinner than my hand. It easily slips into a bag and is very light. It also looks super unique. It’s not sleek and all aluminum, only the sides are. The top is shaped and colored like a segmented chocolate bar. Personally, it goes well with my faux-cherry wood desk.

There are two USB-C ports, one for power and one to the computer. They can be used for more than power though. If you needed to connect things via USB-C they can do that too. The maximum wattage for the hub is 60W, which means it will charge your 13-inch MacBook at normal speeds and you 15-inch at slightly slower ones.

There is a single SD 3.0 Card reader perfect for photographers who carry all their peripherals with them. On the other side are the two USB 3.0 connectors for all of your legacy needs.

Also included in this hub is a 4K ready HDMI port. I actually bought a 4K monitor just to test this specific port. As this is my first 4K display let me first say, how am I ever gong to go back? It is beautiful and works exactly how you would expect a 4K port to work.

That takes care of all of the visual things about the hub, but there’s more. Built into the top of the hub there is a Qi charger. Since getting my iPhone X, I hardly ever run out of battery because when I’m at my desk (which is at least 7 hours a day) my phone is on the hub!

Unfortunately, this last feature leads to my only real complaint with the device. There is no grip on the top. I am a case-less iPhone user so the glass on the back slips and slides around. The other Qi charger I have next to my bed, the mophie wireless charging base, has a rubbery ring that secures the phone in place.

The size and sleekness of the Chocolate Hub 2 makes a great stocking stuffer for your techy friends and family members. Right now you can still fund the product’s indiegogo campaign right here for only $79. It’s planned to retail at $129, so grab one now! Chocolate Hub 2 has already met its goal of $12,000 and the company plans to ship the hub to early bird backers in December.

All in all I have been blown away by the compactness and usefulness of a device I didn’t think I would need. And honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without it now.