The 26-year-old makes his first time at the helm as a co-chief close by Perliks.

Yet again blaqbonez who is eminent for his hilarious character shows his astonishing abilities in the imaginative video by reflecting melodic characters.

Cleverly, he imitates Wizkid in ‘Terrible To Me’, Ruger in ‘Sweetheart, Ayra Starr in ‘Rush’, Asake’s renowned church scene in Handkerchief as well as Oxlade’s KULOSA execution, Burna Kid, Compact, BNXN, and drama creator, Provide food Efe.

The video opens up with a scene where Blaqbonez gatecrashes the wedding party of an ex from the college before the innovative spoof of reflecting characters of various craftsmen.

Blaqbonez opens the true to life visuals with a scene where he gatecrashes a wedding party of an ex from the college. He takes a strand of rose from the lady’s bouquet, presents with the rose by impersonating Wizkid in ‘Terrible to Me’, and returns it which leaves everybody stunned. ‘Awful to Me’ To be sure.

A couple of off-kilter minutes after the fact, the lady of the hour does her bouquet throw and expectations it tumbles to the following individual evidently anticipated “next” to stroll down the path and the bouquet tumbles to Blackbonez which set off irate responses from other single ladies.

Blaqbonez moves from the ‘Terrible to me’ bloom scene to go about as a craftsman painting a wonderful woman. Shockingly, he likewise paints himself in a scene where he reflects Oxlade’s KULOSA-One Varieties Show. He copies the vocalist’s live presentation and motions of the melody at Tones Studio close to a green screen, a white strip receiver, and his clothing.

Blaqbonez wears a dark sleeveless cowhide coat, dark pants, eyeglasses, left-hand tatoo, and wrist chains (chain arm band). He neglects to catch Oxlade’s dark bot with red stripes deciding on a dim boot.

One more entertaining part shows a woman prepared to remove the strip receiver with some scissors.

Burna Kid’s photoshoot for the Stupefied magazine cover

A provocative woman shows up for a photograph shoot and the cameraman makes her delightful efforts. He copies Burna Kid’s photoshoot for the Stupefied magazine cover holding a little TV where he watches the woman. he wears similar long dark pants and hair style as Burna Kid.

Compact’s tune composing for ‘Azaman’

He imitates Convenient songwriting-‘Dem go tear you’ guidance and his amusing ‘shoulder brace’ boasting as well as his clownery.

Cater Efe satire drama

The main individual he utilized one more person to impersonate was Provide food Efe. Carter Efe’s powder thoroughly search in one of his well known satire plays in a white singlet was reflected impeccably.

Ruger’s ‘Better half’ video

He imitates Ruger’s ‘Sweetheart’ music video look, popular for his eye fix, pink hair, white singlet with lipstick stains

Ayra Starr’s Rush

He emulates Ayra Starr’s blonde hairpiece, eyeglasses, noserings, and chains as he empties spilling over water into a glass cup in a pool.

Asake’s Handkerchief scene

Blaqbonez impersonates Asake’s barbecues and the congregation scene in ‘Handkerchief’. He strolls into the congregation in comparative clothing as Asake wore in the Handkerchief video

BNXN versus Ruger crack

He shares their video lady saying toward the finish of the video ‘You individuals ought to quit battling, we can continuously share’

Blaqbonez anticipated the progress of his video on his Twitter handle even before the authority discharge.

He tweeted: ‘My video would be on everyone’s WhatsApp stories, Snapchat, you’d attempt to run from the video yet you will not have the option to, it’d be utilized as images by your mum, your father would inquire as to myself indignantly that you didn’t put him on since. this would be a conclusive second this year ‘

— Wizkid Media (@wizkidayomedia) October 14, 2022

In the under four-minute video, the Chocolate City endorser considered educational encounters during his visit at Obafemi Awolowo College as well as his past connections. He sings: ‘Every one of the untruths I told them silly, Goddamn I’m too crazy, My sweetheart way back in Uni, A few things she won’t ever be aware.

He likewise investigates his ventures where he was an infamous swinger who broke the hearts of numerous ladies. He sings-‘Every one of the hearts I broke in Lekki, Just God fit safeguard me, Every one of the untruths I told them silly’

The Chocolate City endorser delivered the melody last Friday and as of late kidded about the coordinating system via web-based entertainment.

He reported his arrangements to coordinate the visuals after famous video chief, TG Omori charged him $30,000 for the gig.

‘Back In Uni’ is one of the lead singles from Blaqbonez’s forthcoming sophomore studio collection “Youthful Evangelist”.