Since it’s so new, there’s only one version, unlike all the different shapes and sizes Tile trackers come in. Tap or click here to find out the differences between Tile and AirTag trackers. Sure, you can drop an AirTag in your bag, but the best bet is to buy a key ring case for it. While you don’t have to spend more for a key ring than you did on the $29 AirTag, there are some options you should still avoid.

Taking care of your AirTags

AirTag cases come in all shapes and sizes, but the style you’ll see most is the key ring option. Easily attach it to your actual keys or clip it on something like a messenger bag. Apple offers a couple of its own options: a $29 AirTag Loop, which costs the same as the AirTag, and an AirTag Leather Key Ring, which costs $35. With mostly positive reviews, I’m sure they cover the AirTag just fine. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend that much on it. RELATED: Apple makes big changes to keep AirTags from being used to track you

Which AirTags cases are worth it and which should you avoid? Check out News Director Ben’s review on Kim’s show:

Putting AirTag key rings to the test

Of the four key rings I chose, only one was a brand that I recognized. Here are the ones I tested:

Unbranded 2-pack silicone AirTag case – Price at time of review: $6.99Vanerdun Carry Case – Price at time of review: $8.99MoKo 3-pack Protective Carry Case – Price at time of review: $9.95Caseology Vault – Price at time of review: $13.99

First up, the cheapest option: A 2-pack featuring superheroes Captain America and Batman. So I assume the idea behind these is for any AirTags your kids carry with them. Like attached to a backpack. After carrying them around attached to my keys for a couple of days, there were a couple of situations where the key ring could get caught being pulled out of a pocket and partially pull the cover off of the AirTag. These are just okay. The AirTag slides into place through a magnetic closure and then easily clips to whatever you decide. I carried it both with my keys and attached to my laptop back for days with no problem whatsoever. Then there’s the MoKo 3-pack. Move along. The silicone on these cases is so loose that it hardly takes any effort to pop the AirTag out, which happened at least three times in the half-day period I carried one of these cases. Use this, and you’ll be opening the Find My app on your iPhone, trying to figure out where the AirTag went. No thanks. Finally, the brand I’m familiar with. The Caseology Vault is by far the most rugged of the AirTag cases I have personally tested, made up of textured TPU and connected to a sturdy carabiner. I carried this one for days with my keys and attached to a piece of luggage on a recent trip out of state. It’s the most expensive of the four at $14, but don’t rule this one out.

Which to buy … and which to avoid

Forget about the superhero AirTag cases and run far away from MoKo’s offerings. The winners in this review are the Vanerdun Carry Case and Caseology Vault. Save a few bucks and get the Vanerdun leather case (my personal favorite) for general use, like trips to and from work and weekend getaways. You have six colors to choose from, but apologies because I might have purchased one of the last red cases available. For camping, hiking or any other similar activities, upgrade to the Caseology Vault. Before buying, however, read the reviews because not everyone has had the same experience. Keep in mind that the AirTag is exposed on both sides with this case.