Twelve South has sent us their just announced BassJump 2 portable subwoofer. The original BassJump’s focus was to be a subwoofer add-on to your MacBook Pro/Air speakers. The BassJump 2 is more of a software update, than hardware, but we figured we’d check out the full package to tell you if its a peripheral that deserves a spot on your desk.

The BassJump 2 is available for $69, including free shipping and the new software. BassJump 2 ships with beautiful packaging and includes the subwoofer inside, a USB cord, and a carrying case for when you need to take your BassJump on the go. So how does it compare to the Macbook Air’s “internal bass” and is it worth the $69 price tag? Read on after the break for the full review, gallery, and video.

The BassJump 2 is really designed for any MacBook, but in our case we tested it against our MacBook Air. Setup for the subwoofer was very easy, only requiring us to download the software from Twelve South’s website and plugging it in with the USB cord.

Software for the BassJump 2 is really straightforward. Users are able to select if they want the BassJump 2 to be turned on, the loudness of the subwoofer, the BassJump sound setting (like pop or rock), and the cross over frequency. With the ability to mount it in your menubar, the software worked well in controlling the subwoofer to make it sound just how we wanted it.

The subwoofer itself looks beautiful next to the MacBook Air. Both devices are made out of similar metals and the USB cord is almost identical to Apple’s iOS devices.


When it comes to sound quality, the BassJump 2 isn’t lacking. While it won’t perform as well as a desktop’s subwoofer it gave songs the nice added deep kick they need. The device didn’t necessarily give songs a more punchy sound, but more clarity with the background of the sound.

For $69 the BassJump 2 is a sure buy for those who want quality sound on the road as well as at home. It not only looks great on your desk, but provides an added level to song’s that the MacBook Air’s internal speakers just can’t provide. The BassJump 2 is also pretty portable with its carrying case — allowing you to throw it into any laptop bag.

The BassJump 2 is available from Twelve South.