Scosche’s BaseLynx modular charger offers a compelling solution to create the exact wireless and wired charging setup you need for your pretty much all your Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and even MacBooks. Read on for our full review of BaseLynx that lets you charge over ten devices at once and easily reconfigure the setup at any time.

Multi-device chargers have flooded the market over the last few years and it’s increasingly difficult for companies to create a product that stands out. Scosche has taken that challenge head-on and made a unique offering with the modular BaseLynx charging system.

BaseLynx modular charger specs

  • Modular components available:
  • Wireless Charging Pad (10W output)
  • Watch Charger for Apple Watch
  • Vert Charging Station (with 1x 18W USB-C PD and 2x 12W USB-A)
  • Dual Port Charging EndCap (1x 18W USB-C PD and 1x 12W USB-A)
  • Qi-certified
  • Single power source (one wall plug)
  • 5-foot AC cable


Scosche’s design for BaseLynx features a clever approach that allows customers to get exactly what they want out of a charger but also have the ability to change it over time with plug and play functionality.

  • Wireless Charging Pad (10W output)
  • Watch Charger for Apple Watch
  • Vert Charging Station (with 1x 18W USB-C PD and 2x 12W USB-A)
  • Dual Port Charging EndCap (1x 18W USB-C PD and 1x 12W USB-A)

I tested out the BaseLynx Kit in white. It comes with the Vert Station, Wireless Charging Pad, and Apple Watch Charger.

Out of the box, this setup can charge five devices at once with the ability to add more modules as you’d like. Scosche uses a point system to know how many components can run off of one power cable. Depending on the configuration, you could charge over ten devices with one system.

Use one power cable/power source per 15 Points. So as long as your connected modules total 15 points or less, you’re good. If you want to use more than 15 points-worth of modules, simply start another grouping with another cable. Note: each BaseLynx Module (excluding the Powered EndCap) comes with a 5ft. AC Power Cable.

BaseLynx uses a few different materials with the main body being plastic, heather-gray fabric on the wireless pad and Apple Watch charger, and silicone or rubber for grip on the vertical station.

The wireless charging pad has a subtle white LED on the front to indicate charging and the Apple Watch charging puck can fold down or stand up. Overall BaseLynx has a solid build quality. In addition to the white version that’s an Apple Store exclusive, Scosche makes it in black as well.

As for the Vert Station, it can charge three devices at a time with one USB-C PD port and two USB-A ports.

 In use

In my time with the BaseLynx, I found it most useful as a family hub with the Vert Charging section really handy for keeping iPads juiced up and organized with the added benefit of the wireless pad and Apple Watch Charger.

Some might enjoy having this in an office or bedroom but it is relatively large coming in at over a foot wide with the configuration you see above and of course if you want to add more modules, you’ll want to have plenty of room where you plan to use it.

Changing up the configuration is easy to do with just a little pull on a module to separate it. You can use it with as few or as many modules (as the system allows) as you’d like.

The Wireless Charging Pad has the grippiest silicone ring I’ve ever seen on a charger and even without a case, my iPhone never slipped/vibrated off the center of the Qi wireless charger.

Meanwhile, both AirPods and AirPods Pro fit nicely in the middle of the circle for wireless charging.

Here’s a closer look at the Vert Charging Station that keeps iPads (or even a 15-inch MacBook Pro) tidy and upright while charging. You only get 18W output from the USB-C PD port, so it wouldn’t be ideal for MacBooks while in use but you could use it for overnight charging.

It’s best suited for iPads and shorter USB cables work best for a clean aesthetic. Pictured below are the Scosche Strikeline Premium Braided 1-foot cables.

One piece of constructive criticism, I would have like to have seen Scosche do two USB-C ports and one USB-A on the Vert Charging Station, or even just all USB-C.

While BaseLynx is probably more geared to consumer use, I could also see small businesses and other organizations finding it useful for custom charging needs (maybe juicing up 15 Apple Watches from one plug? 😄)

BaseLynx modular charger verdict

Overall, the BaseLynx is a great product and I think a lot of people will be happy to discover the functionality and flexibility it offers (particularly for those who like to tinker and change their setups frequently).

One small detail to consider is that due to the modular design, the power cord pops out of the left of the charger which is a departure from most chargers that have a power cord exit out the back. But if you can place it on the left-hand side of your desk/tabletop or hide the cable with some nearby items, you shouldn’t notice it.

BaseLynx Kit in white that I tested runs $150 as an Apple exclusive. The BaseLynx Kit Pro goes for $199 and includes a Dual Port Charging Endcap and two 1-foot USB to Lightning Cables (also an Apple exclusive).

BaseLynx in black doesn’t have as many options for now but starts at $90 with three configurations available.