For the last few weeks I’ve been using the Action Band for Apple Watch by X-Doria and it’s the most comfortable sport band I’ve worn to date. With unique design, both familiar and new color options, and a price tag 50% less than Apple’s Sport Band, Action Band is worth your attention.

From 9to5Toys:

Materials & Design

The Action Band is made out of super smooth, soft silicone, which is what makes it the most comfortable Apple Watch band I’ve used over the last two years.

X-Doria offers the two-tone band in three colors for the 42mm Apple Watch: Green & Mint, Purple & Pink and Black & Yellow (similar to the Nike Sport Band). The 38mm comes in Green & Mint or Purple & Pink.

I went for Green & Mint as it’s a fresh color combo you don’t see very often. I love the aesthetic of the two-tone colors with the subtle mint stripe on the top of the band complementing the dark green.

The Action Band features metal hardware for the buckle as well as the unique angled two-pin design for the closure that secures the band around your wrist. The pin side of the band fits just snug enough through the buckle that it’s won’t accidentally fall of your wrist as you’re putting it on. The silicone extends all the way to the bands’ lugs where it connects with the Apple Watch.

The buckle and pins on the band are pretty close in color to Apple’s iPhone 7 Black hue. I would enjoy seeing a silver option for the metal harware, but I don’t find it to be a deal breaker.

The Action Band also has an adjustable hexagon-shaped loop that goes around the band to provide extra security. I personally prefer to use it sans loop as it’s plenty secure without and gives it a bit sleeker look and feel. However, it’s easy to take the loop on and off as desired (picture above shown with loop).

X-Doria includes a 30-day return/exchange period and has a lifetime warranty.

In Use

From my testing, The Action Band feels just as secure if not more so than Apple’s Sport Band, just as durable, and more comfortable.

I typically wear watch bands at two different tightnesses. I use a close, snug fit for exercise and a bit looser, relaxed fit for the rest of my daily usage. The Action Band’s two-pin closure makes it easy to adjust quickly and I’ve found it just as comfortable while wearing with a tight fit as I do a loose fit.

I haven’t been using the Action Band long enough to comment on its long-term durability, but my feeling after a couple of weeks using it for excercise along with normal day-to-day use is that it will hold up well for a long time. Also, the lifetime warranty is a confidence booster.


Most brand-name sport bands on the market can seem overpriced at around $50, while third-party knock offs hit low price points, but don’t offer unique design or likely the same quality as the real deal. I think X-Doria has a winner with its Action Band featuring a super soft, comfortable fit and finish, a sharp unqiue design, and a great price point at $25.

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