Revice Denim Reviews

Describing Revise denim

Revice Denim is an online brand you call to make your order for high-quality jeans. It is comparatively economical when compared with other luxurious brands that charge a few hundred dollars for an item. Revice Denim barely totals 100 USD, hence minimizing your budget spent shopping.

They have categorized the shopping sections into three units:

Women StyleWomen ActivewearMen Activewear

You would wonder how they know your taste, and prices range. You have to fill in a quick quiz that tells them more about you, your sense of fashion, and your price range.


At Revice Denim, any clothing you decide to purchase will be charged around 90 USD to 100 USD. The total cost will be charged to your bill. The charges will fluctuate depending on the size, features, and quality of the item. The price for every item is listed on the price tag. Ensure you corner the price range to your affordability, and calculate the total cost of a notebook before making your order.


1. Quality: 6/10

They have high-end handmade jeans, with research showing that 65% of its customers were satisfied with the items.

However, they have received complaints about oversizing and extremely fitting their clothes. They have been working on complaints to improve the experience of the consumers. The jeans are put in different categories, depending on your preference; gender, age, caste, religion, and more.

Perhaps they would be doing better if they would offer free shipping services, and deliveries within 24 hours after ordering. Or maybe not all customer service at Revice Denim is like that, some are proficient.

2. Prices: 7/10

Most of the items you get are quite cheaper if compared to other brands like Levi’s. The price hovers from around 90 USD to 100 USD. It also runs sales to give its customers discounts.

3. Overall: 6/10

The overall rating depends on your general experience with Revice Denim, gauging from the pros and cons. You have to explore all the options from styling, pricing, customer service, speed, and more. Everybody will have diverse opinions and dissimilar experiences, every opinion is valid. Revice Denim would appreciate complements, though, they also welcome critics because they learn from them. This is why you should leave feedback after shopping.

4. Customer Service: 4/10

Unfortunately, Revise denim’s customer service reputation is not quite pleasing if you ask around. Consumers have been criticizing a lot about how long it takes for their orders to be processed. When the order is processed it takes weeks to be shipped to you. The worst situation is never getting your order whatsoever even after months of waiting. Nevertheless, some customers receive their orders within a day, so this complaint is not from everyone.

Other online stores similar to Revise denim

Levi’s – it is a company with a collection of men’s, women’s, and kid’s jeans, jackets, and other clothing. Jeanswest – is an Australia-based jeans company. True Religion – sells designer jeans and clothes for kids, men, and women. 1822 denim – a denim store categorically for women. It is based in New York, USA. 7 For All Mankind – it has high-end quality denim for women, kids, and men. It is based in the United Kingdom. Mugsy jeans – the jeans are soft and comfortable, and they also stretch. Mugsy sells denim for women, men, and kids.


Now we have learnt ‘Revice Denim Reviews’, Surprisingly, there are both positive and negative reviews of Revise denim. If you gauge them, Revise denim’s average review is between around 4 stars. In addition, the experience varies depending on who attended to you, or how did you find shopping there. Do your comparison with other jeans stores and decide which one suits you best.

Does Revise sell large or small jeans?

Revise has varying sizes from 23 to 32. Meaning they fluctuate from small to medium to large and on some occasions extra-large. You may have to try different pairs to pick your true size.

Can Revise denim stretch?

Yes, they do stretch when you wear them, you will get comfortable in them.