On the Android TV front, Arcelik, Vestel, RCA, Hisense, TC Bang & Olufsen, nknet have pledged new models will come with ’s software. Sony, Sharp, s are already on board. New speakers, soundbars, A/V receivers from several companies will include support for Cast, so you can push content from your phone to them just as you would a Chromecast. B&O ay, Harman Kardon, Onkyo, s, oneer, Raumfeld have pledged to build the technology into new devices. Sony   are also refreshing their speaker lineups to offer Cast-ready hardware. also pledged that Multi-room functionality is coming, which would allow you to group speakers connected to Chromecast Audio together in order to listen to the same song everywhere. y this matters: wants its entertainment platforms to come with the A/V hardware so they’re ready to go right out of the box. By far the company’s most successful product has been the Chromecast, as it’s very easy to stream content directly to your television from any smartphone, Android or iOS. Android TV has been a tougher sell, with the Nvidia Shield TV as the major bright spot. ’s plan going forward is to partner up with as many TV makers as possible to get the software on your home screen.