Voice hasn’t seen a lot of love or attention since it launched with some fanfare in 2009, but surprisingly is letting us know that it still cares about the communication service. In a new sprawling release—the first of its kind in years— has revamped all versions of its Voice app site with a clean, modern look, new features, , perhaps the best news of all, the promise of regular updates. The most striking thing about the new version is its design, which actually looks like it was made for the latest phones. The new interface is a major improvement, with clean navigation organization, big message windows that makes it feel like a modern messaging service. In addition to the look of the app, has also added a few new features that bring it up to speed. Most notably, messaging has been updated to include support for group messages photo MMS, as well as quick replies on devices running Android Nougat. says it will provide regular new features updates going forward, notes that for users who use Hangouts, “there’s no need to change to the new apps, but you might want to try them out as we continue to bring new improvements.” And there seems to be one in the works already. In a comment to 9to5, explains that while the current incarnation of Voice doesn’t add any new features for making calls, it is working incorporating VoIintegration to eliminate the need to link your number with the Hangouts app. The site also claims that its sources say Fi calling will be coming to all devices. The new version of Voice should have rolled out to your phone by now, but if you’re not seeing it yet, you can side load the -signed A from AMirror. The impact on you at home: ’s messaging strategy has been hard to figure out, a renewed focus on Voice probably won’t bring much clarity to it. After initially began integrating Voice Hangouts, the launch of lo Duo muddied those plans a bit, as began to shift Hangouts to enterprise clients. th the new update it seems that might be trying to position Voice as the stalone voice messaging service it was meant to be.