A couple of hours prior, Kemi Filani detailed that Genesis ripped into Rev Esther Ajayi during a Sunday administration program.


Beginning claimed that Iya Adura had deserted his family when he was captured over supposed extortion action. He guaranteed the profoundly referred to petitioning God mother eliminated all his photographs from their authority web-based entertainment pages since he was going through an extreme stage.

Beginning related how he had served Iya Adura admirably, even to the degree of leaving his service.

In spite of the fact that Genesis didn’t specify Iya Adura’s name in the most natural sounding way for him, various pointers from his assertion made it clear he was alluding to the female pastor.

He referred to when Iya Adura helped a youthful orange dealer recognized as Ayomide, how she helped the late Baba Suwe when he was wiped out and how he had served under her with his entire being.

In his explanation, he referenced that his mom is the main ‘Iya Adura’ he knows.

During a public interview coordinated to mark her congregation’s fifteenth commemoration in London and one year of thanksgiving of her Lagos Cathedral, the Rev. Esther Ajayi made an intercessory supplication for Genesis.

As indicated by the profoundly venerated godly woman, she is excessively occupied to lose center since she has various high profiled characters coming for her occasion.

“I’m too bustling an individual to lose my concentration. Obasanjo coming to teach in my congregation on Sunday… ” she answered when requested remark on Pastor Genesis’ explosion.

Kemi Filani likewise reviews that a legal counselor recognized as Pelumi Olajengbesi gave areas of strength for a to vocalist Lanre Teriba against undermining Genesis.


A web-based video caught Lanre Teriba shooting Genesis over an eruption on Iya Adura. He gave 24 hours extreme for Genesis to apologize to oneself acclaimed donor.

A subtitle shared online by Seun Oloketuyi, was an admonition from Pelumi Olajengbesi to vocalist Lanre Teriba against undermining Genesis to stop from including in the break.

He composed: Lanre Teriba Atorise is encouraged to alert himself with his temperament of expressions in the debate between Prophet Israel Ogundipe Genesis and Reverend Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi rapidly.

He ought to get a grip on his feelings now, nothing under the law gives him the option to compromise anyone. A danger is a wrongdoing under the law. The law permits a bothered individual to communicate for oneself very much like Genesis has done, however the law will imprison an individual who undermines one more regardless of whether he has not completed his messages. Atorise is very much prompted since, supposing that anything happens to Genesis carelessly, Atorise has purchased a case he didn’t petition God for. The individual to apologize in 24 hours.