Reuters has some big news about future generations of the Apple Watch: according to people familiar with Apple’s plans, the device will eventually get more health-releated sensors. Which generation we can expect to see these sensors or what types of data they’ll collect wasn’t exactly specified, but the company is definitely planning to include additional capabilities in future upgrades.

Of course, this isn’t exactly the most shocking or unexpected news. It would be hard to believe that Apple had hired a group of fitness experts only to give up on improving the headline fitness features in the wearable device after the first version hit the market, and the company is still adding new sensors to the iPhone seven years after it first debuted.

The report also says that some medical professionals aren’t happy with the device’s current abilities and many say they were hoping for more. According to some, the existing version of the Apple Watch isn’t the game-changer they were hoping for, and may not drive consumers to be as health-focused as many imagined it would. From Reuters:

The Apple Watch was revealed earlier this week during a special media event. It goes on sale in early 2015.

Landy said he would look at patients’ data from the watch, but would be equally interested in data collected in a notebook.