Reuters is reporting that problems with the rumored retina display for the iPad Mini 2 mean that it will be available only in limited quantities when it launches this year, with full-scale production pushed into 2014.

The delays are said to be due to the display suppliers – believed to be Samsung, LG and Sharp – having difficulties meeting the strict power-saving specifications laid down by Apple … 

Given the time required to ramp up screen production, a retina display-equipped iPad Mini would not be available in large volumes until early next year, the sources said.

A less-likely claim is that Apple is considering a cheaper iPad Mini with just 8GB of storage. While there have been indications that Apple is at least considering on a lower-cost, non-retina version of the iPad Mini 2, 8GB seems a step too far given the small savings that would generate.

Apple is believed to be planning to announce both the full-sized iPad 5 and an iPad Mini 2 with retina display at an event to be held on or around the 15th of October.

Both could be available in the same colors as the iPhone 5s, with claimed leaked photos showing casings in both Space Gray and Champagne – the latter appearing to show that the new tablets will have Touch ID fingerprint sensors (something on which we’ve heard conflicting whispers). Videos purporting to show both cases have also been posted.