If you’re a B2B company, that is a business to business company, you want to catch big fish. You don’t want to sell 50 widgets to this guy, 70 widgets to another guy, and 30 widgets to yet another player. No, you want to win the contract with someone who can buy up everything you make. Case in point, HTC is now such a small player that they’re having trouble getting enough parts. According to a fresh Retuers article, the Taiwanese company is having issues procuring enough cases for the One Mini.

This actually isn’t the first time I’ve covered this issue. Earlier this month, it was reported that HTC wanted to put a Snapdragon 800 inside their new flagship phone, the HTC One Max, but they couldn’t get Qualcomm’s attention. The sad thing about that is HTC and Qualcomm, as a team, were largely responsible for the success of Android during the early days. Way back when Snapdragon was just a word that didn’t have any funny names and numbers like MSM8974 or S4 Plus. Can HTC reverse their misfortunes? Yes, they need to hire better product planners that can design devices using available components instead of designing devices that require such exotic parts that shortages such as these are encountered. Doesn’t really sound like rocket science, does it?