Satellite dishes are made from plastic, metal, and electronic hardware, all of which can be recycled individually or in their entirety. Satellite dishes can be converted to high-range Wi-Fi receivers, antenna stands, and so many other items. This article will elaborate on the various ways to re-use old satellite dishes. 

How to reuse old satellite dishes as High range Wi-Fi receiver

If you are looking to extend the range of your Wi-Fi, you can convert your old satellite dish to a high-range Wi-Fi receiver. Many have issues with the range of their Wi-Fi router, by increasing the range of your router, you get to save on internet costs and provide convenience when using the internet. These are the steps to converting a satellite into a high-range Wi-Fi receiver;

Remove the antenna from the satellite dish. Leave the coaxial cable attached as the Wi-Fi receiver requires a USB cable. Attach a wireless USB Wi-Fi adapter firmly with tape or screws. Connect one end of a USB cord to the Wi-Fi adapter and the other end to the Wi-Fi router or a Wi-Fi-enabled device. Place the satellite dish in the direction that is directly facing you.   Ensure your device scans for the adapter automatically. If it doesn’t then you should download an application that can read the W-Fi network. Once your device reads the satellite, link your device.  

How to reuse old satellite dishes as Signal booster

If your area has poor signal strength, you can utilize old satellite dishes to boost your signal. The satellite dish increases the signal strength by concentrating the signal using the reflector part of the satellite. Old satellite dishes can be converted to a signal booster by;

Use a rectangular box with no foil to make a pocket in front of the feed horn on an old satellite dish that is not linked to any receiver.  Put your mobile phone in a place where you can view the signal strength meter and place the satellite dish facing the closest cellphone tower or metro area. Keep turning till you find a location with the strongest signal. To determine whether it is working or not, make a call and place the phone in speaker mode. Place the phone as close to you as possible but try not to block the signal with your head.  

How to reuse old satellite dishes as an Antenna mount

You can reuse your old satellite dish as a mount for an antenna by following the following steps; 

Ensure that the satellite dish is still connected to your house and if not connect it. Place the antenna on the dish. Disconnect the co-axial wire from the satellite and attach it to the transmitter on the antenna. Note; that the satellite dish will help to increase the reception strength of the antenna by reflecting the signal.

How to reuse old satellite dishes as ornamental pieces.

Old satellite dishes can be reused as ornamental pieces such as Birdbaths and garden art, these can be used to decorate the garden, patio, or any part of your house you choose. Satellite dishes have the shape of a bowl and are made to resist rust so they are a good choice for a birdbath and also as ornamental garden art using the following steps;

Place the bowl on a stand or a tree branch if you want a birdbath or on a corner in the garden if you wish to do garden art. You can decorate and paint it using non-poisonous paint and fill it with water for birdbaths or soil for garden art. To prevent the growth of micro-organisms, apply paint used in swimming pools to the interior of the bowl. Fill with water and birdseed and enjoy your new birdbath or plant flowers and herbs and enjoy the new addition to your garden.

Some of the benefits of re-using old satellite dishes

These are some of the benefits of re-using old satellite dishes. 

It prevents waste. Satellite dishes are non-biodegradable so they accumulate as waste in landfills. Reusing them reduces the amount of waste. Provides cheap materials for use. You can use old satellite dishes which can be easily sourced as raw materials to make the above-listed items. Satellite dishes can provide signal strength of over 15dB which is about 5 times stronger than a standard Wi-Fi adapter.


old satellite dishes can be repurposed in several ways due to the materials from which they are manufactured. Reusing these old satellite dishes allows for a better way to reduce the continuous increase in the disposal of satellite dishes with the increase of online television. There are different ways to reuse and repurpose your old satellite dishes ranging from easy functional options to decorative and ornamental purposes, you can choose what works for you.