Yes, you can reuse amazon boxes for USPS. However, there are other things that you would need to put into consideration, like the condition of the boxes, etc. Aside from the question of whether amazon boxes can be reused for USPS shipping, people also ask how they can reuse these boxes, so this article is going to give answers to your questions, so keep reading.

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It is one thing to want to reuse your amazon box but, it is another thing to know how to reuse those boxes. Here are ways to reuse your boxes:

  1. You need to remove all former shipping labels, you can remove them by scraping them off, peeling them, or by just marking them over.

  2. You must ensure that the old box is not damaged and is in a good condition.

  3. Add packing tapes to the sides of the box, to boost its capacity to withstand another journey.

  4. You will need to add a new shipping label when you are done packaging.

How to cover and remove former labels from boxes before shipping

When reusing boxes for shipping, you need to remove or cover former labels from the box, but how can you do that properly? Here’s how:

To cover labels properly first, you locate where the labels are, then use a permanent marker, preferably black, to cover all barcodes and labels.

To remove labels properly, first, locate all universal product codes (UPCs) and labels on the box, then peel off the labels carefully using your fingernail or a razor blade.

Firstly, it is better to reuse them for shipping than to have them lying around in the house and taking up space. Reusing your boxes for shipping is only one of the ways to recycle them and is also a crucial contribution to our environment and planet earth as a whole. So if you are wondering why you should reuse your amazon, here you have it. It is a good way to recycle.

Reusing boxes is also a way to save trees, time, and money.


Yes, you can reuse your amazon boxes for USPS shipping, and it is good to recycle them, however, the USPS does not fully encourage the reusing of boxes because of the possible decrease in the quality of the box, which is why you should ensure that whatever box you may reuse is in good condition.

Can I reuse a box with amazon logos for shipping through the post?

Yes, you can reuse your amazon boxes for your next shipping through the post, and you do not have to cover the amazon logos or any symbol. However, you will have to remove, or cover any previous label, to avoid the package being delivered to the wrong destination.

Can I reuse an amazon bubble envelope to ship through the post?

You can reuse the amazon bubble envelope through the post, you would also need to cover or remove all markings, to ensure that the package gets to the right destination.

Can I reuse a box with barcodes on it?

Yes, you can reuse boxes with barcodes however you would have to make sure that the barcode is not visible, if the barcode is still visible it would confuse the scanners. It is recommended that you cross out all the barcodes, you can do this with a marker.

Can I use alcohol containers to ship through USPS?

When shipping through USPS, avoid the use of alcohol containers, according to the USPS website beer, wine and liquor may not be sent through the mail. However if you must use such containers make sure you remove all logos and labels, and anything that may show that such content is for an alcoholic beverage.