It was founded in 2011, yet it is a young company that offers its services in fitness technology. Whoop’s competitors in the same field of services include Athos and Catapult.

Returning Whoop Strap

If someone wants to return their order to the Whoop, they have to request a return within 30 days from the date of the order’s receipt from the Whoop. 

For returning the Whoop strap, you need to contact the support team of the Whoop company. After that, a returning label will be issued to you. You have to pack all the accessories safely received from the whoop as received. 

After this, you have to send it to the whoop company, or they will take it from you. If everything goes right, you will receive a refund with a cut of the shipping fee for the product on your original payment method within 3–4 days maximum.

There are also a lot of terms and conditions which you already need to know before making a return or replacement in Whoop.

What are the terms and conditions for returning Whoop Strap?

There are some other cases in which you will receive a replacement or your return may be canceled without these conditions. And there are special cases where you can also receive a full refund of your order.

If you are unsatisfied with the whoop product or you think it is not worthy, you have to place a return by contacting the whoop company’s support, and then one will receive its whoop membership fee with the cost of the band. After 30 days, you are not eligible for a return or refund.

Warranty (limited)

Whoop provides a one-year warranty on every product. The warranty is active from the date of purchase of the product. If your whoop strap is defective during the warranty period, Whoop is liable to replace the whole product for you or they can also repair it for you, whatever is necessary at that moment.

To be eligible for a limited warranty, one must meet these conditions:

Have a valid payment method proof for verification purposes or a receipt or invoice received from the Whoop Company.  You must have an active membership with no outstanding balance. The person is the original owner of the Whoop strap or its services. There is no physical damage to the product, so it is not defective. You have not repaired the watch with any other firm than Whoop Strap.

In the event that Whoop is unable to repair or replace the strap, you are eligible for a refund of your whoop strap (this is in very rare cases).

Battery Pack: On the battery pack, there is a limited warranty, which means its warranty is less as compared to the full body of the strap. The battery pack warranty provided by the Whoop is around 180 days approx. After this special period, if your battery fails, then you need to pay the battery expenses for a repair. 

To use WHOOP Support, contact Company Support One at or (833) 708-2815.


You will need to pay a restocking charge to the Whoop Company if you want to return or replace your order after the warranty period.

You must have an active Whoop membership with no outstanding balance for this type of replacement.

As a result, you must pay for the Whoop strap or the Whoop Company’s membership services.

If you are from some of the special states of the USA like California, then some of the terms and conditions may be different for you due to the special state consumer protection law in California or any other state falling under this category.

Upgrade policy of Whoop:

Payment of a one-time fee is required to be eligible for an upgrade. After an upgrade, the Whoop strap will not change the terms of your current membership.

These are some of the policies that you already have to know when you are planning to return a Whoop Strap or want to cancel its membership services.


Return is a very easy procedure for anybody if they are returning it under 30 days. But after this period, you have to face some issues. There is also a special condition that if you have already contacted Whoop support regarding a return and your scheduled return is not processed under the time limit, you can apply again after 30 days. 

One also needs to immediately inform Whoop support if the device is defective, otherwise, the company will blame you for the failure of the device and your return may face issues.