What are the reasons for which you can return your spectrum instrument?

There are several reasons you might want to return your spectrum instrument. For example, when you want to disconnect your spectrum devices, you have to return the items you got from them. To cancel the Internet spectrum, returning the instrument you got from them is very necessary. 

This also applies when you are downgrading. If the plan you subscribed for is more than what you need, you can return it and another one will be sent to you.  

How long do I have before returning a spectrum instrument?

The return window has been stated by spectrum in their rules and guidelines to be within 15 days after confirmation. To return any spectrum instrument or device, you have to wait to receive a confirmation for the disconnection. Once that confirmation is received by you, you can then proceed to return the instrument. If you are not able to return the spectrum device within those 15 days, you will be charged with a certain amount. 

How do you return a spectrum instrument? 

The processes in which you can return any spectrum device or instrument with you vary. Some of these steps you can take include:

Spectrum Store Drop Off: There are many spectrum stores. If you have a spectrum store located close to you, you can drop off your instruments at the store. If you are unaware of any store located near you, you can search to find one.  FedEx Return: You can also return your spectrum devices through FedEx. In FedEx, it is not every device you can return, they have a list of devices that can be packaged and returned for you. The ones that can be dropped off at FedEx include receivers, WiFi routers, WIFI gateway devices and modems. Ensure you attach the return label to the package. The return label is always contained in the original shipping box.  United Parcel Service(UPS) Return: You can return your spectrum equipment to the spectrum store through the United Parcel Services. Look for the one closest to you to assist you in packaging and returning your devices or instruments to spectrum. You can use the UPS store locator to find one.  US postal service: This is another method that can be used in returning your spectrum devices or instruments. Similar to the FedEx return, ensure you attach the return label to the package. The return label is usually contained in the original shipping box. This method is convenient to use without paying any fee.  Equipment pick-up: Spectrum officials pick up instruments from spectrum customers that are disabled. Spectrum customers that are ill also qualify for this or their return window will be extended. You can put a call through and a pick-up will be scheduled for you.  

Frequently asked questions

Is there a penalty for returning Spectrum Instruments late? 

 Yes. When the instrument is no longer in use, you should return it early. If it is returned late, you will be penalized and be charged to pay for the full replacement. The cost of the instruments will be determined by spectrum.

Does spectrum accept return of instrument?

Yes. You can return your spectrum instrument to the closest spectrum store near you or through other alternatives such as FedEx, UPS, US postal service etc. 

How can I exchange my spectrum instrument?

You can exchange any of your spectrum instruments at any spectrum store. Visit the closest spectrum around you.  

At what instance do I need to return my spectrum instrument?

You should contact spectrum before returning any spectrum instrument so that they can stop charging you for their services. You are allowed to return your instruments when:

You want to switch your network to another.  When you want to disconnect or downgrade your plan. When you newly change location and the area does not support spectrum services.  

 When I cancel a spectrum plan, what are some of the instruments I will need to return?

Some of the instruments you might need to return include your routers, modems, receivers and auxiliary equipment. Most often, returning the remotes and cables can be considered as not necessary. 

It is not a herculean task when returning your spectrum instrument. Spectrum has made it easy for anyone to return their instruments through various means. It is important and necessary that you keep your receipts well. Without your receipts, spectrum cannot track when you want to return it. For more clarity on spectrum’s return policy, you can head on to their website.