For returning a Century Link modem, one has to gather all the necessary cords and devices shipped by Lumen Technologies or Centurylink, then pack these items in a rigid box or pack as per Century Link instructions, close the box with strong tape, and that’s all ready for a return. 

Then schedule a return by contacting Centurylink customer care or manually by visiting their site. After a successful return placement, the courier boy will check the box as per the requirements of the company and he will take this box to the store of the company where the parts will be checked out. 

If everything goes well, you will receive your entire refund or the cost of the machine in your account or the selected payment method. One will also get every detail of the return on the online return page of the century link. However, some conditions must be met to return the package of century link.

You can also visit the official website of Century Link for more information.

If you have decided to return the Century Link modem, then all you need to know is about the instructions or special instructions by the company.

In the case of a leased modem:

In this case, if you wish to return the package, then you must return the modem within 30 days from the date you purchased the service. And if you don’t fulfill this condition or don’t fulfill shipping instructions given by the company, you will be liable to pay all the expenses and your return will be rejected.

If You Purchased a Modem:

If you think you have purchased a modem, then there are similar special instructions that you have to return it within 30 days of purchasing with all the pieces of equipment shipped to you by the company. This will also include freebies. If you do not return it within 30 days, it will be eligible for free recycling, but you will only receive 20-50 percent of the value of your modem.

To return a Century Link modem, you must first obtain confirmation from Centurylink Support Team. One can go to the given link for technical support on their device.

If technical teams think that your device is damaged (not by you), they will provide you with two options: replacement and return (replacement in most cases). In exchange, you will get a new modem by returning your previous damaged modem to the company. Hereby, the main condition is that the modem is not damaged by you.

If your product is in warranty and is damaged due to a poor system, then the company is liable to pay you all the expenses of its repair or a replacement, whichever one is suitable for you. Hereby, the chances of a return are very low. For a replacement of your product under warranty, you have to follow the same steps and have to start by contacting the support team of Century Link. Hereby, the condition remains the same that the modem is not damaged by you or doesn’t have any physical damage.

You have all the accessories shipped by the company. You must pack these accessories carefully according to Century Link’s instructions. You have to remove the shipping labels or bills from the box. Fold the printed label into a solid line. Drop the box at the authorized UPS shipping center near you.

The technical team will assist you regarding this whole procedure according to your needs.


If you want a hassle-free return and replacement from CenturyLink, you must follow all of the steps and meet all of the company’s terms and conditions. You need to pack all accessories shipped to you and ensure the product is not damaged by you or does not have any physical damage for return. 

If you fulfill all the conditions, you are eligible for a return from the company. Please do not forget to visit the technical team of the century link for proper guidance. One can also opt for recycling its modem if he or she has failed to achieve the conditions in recycling one can choose any modem (even if not by century link) to get some money back.