The Returnal 1.3.7 update will be an automatic one that goes live at 10 a.m. EST. Be sure to finish up any runs before that time, as Returnal will close to download and install the update. Because of Returnal’s save system, that means most progress on current runs will be lost. 

So what does the Returnal 1.3.7 update fix? Here are the patch notes per Housemarque: 

Update 1.3.6 released back on May 8 and fixed pre order suits from locking players out of certain areas, as well as a few stability issues and healing problems. 

This latest patch likely isn’t the last one for Returnal; that’s just the nature of development. Returnal is, for the most part, a very stable game. Will future updates add a more forgiving save system or nerf those damnable drones in the Derelict Citadel? Only time will tell. Stay tuned. 

[Source: Housemarque]