There are 31 trophies to grab in total on the Returnal trophy list, including the platinum, seven golds, five silvers, and 18 bronzes. Several trophy-tracking sites, including PowerPyx, have listed the trophies in full and have full guides already. The trophy list has feats that run the gamut from beating certain bosses and progressing through the story to nabbing collectibles and hitting max level for some abilities.

There aren’t any trophies for completing Returnal on various difficulty levels, as there are for previous Housemarque games like Nex Machina, nor are there any for completing areas without taking damage, as there are in Matterfall. That’s because there are no difficulty settings in Returnal. 

The full Returnal trophies list can be seen below. The descriptions are fairly innocuous, and they don’t provide too many hints to the importance of certain bosses or story beats, so there’s no need to worry about spoilers.

But if you’d rather not risk it at all, turn back now knowing that the Returnal platinum doesn’t appear to be too difficult (though it’s possible some of the “easier” sounding trophies could be harder than we anticipate).

Here’s the full trophy list: 


The Returnal trophy list gives fans an idea of about how long the game is, with each survey likely being its own level across the game’s three acts. There will also be five bosses to defeat, logs to collect, and deaths to die.  

[Source: PowerPyx]

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