The astronaut figurine is a small totem that represents the larger astronaut that haunts Selene in the game’s story sections, appearing in various cutscenes and tied somehow (no spoilers) to the house that Selene encounters. The larger version is certainly a creepy satellite orbiting Selene’s journey across Atropos, but the smaller version is a very welcome manifestation. 

What Does the Returnal Astronaut Figurine Do? 

The astronaut artifact gives you a second chance when you die. It revives you from a killing blow, once your suit integrity reaches zero. When it activates, you resurrect with all of your weapons, weapon proficiency, modifications, parasites, artifacts, keys, datacubes, consumables, etc. Your suit integrity also fills to roughly three quarters. 

Obviously, you must have this artifact in your inventory when you’re killed for it to work. And once you die with it on hand, it disappears until you pick it up again. 

The main thing to remember is to keep astronaut figurines handy for boss fights at the end of each biome, such as when battling Phrike at the end of the Overgrown Ruins biome or the pesky Ixion at the end of the Crimson Wastes.

Pick them up every time you find them since dying anywhere resets Returnal and regenerates the world, resetting items and locations. But once you grab one, beeline it to the boss if you can, and use it as a way to get a second chance in the game’s hardest encounters. 

How do You Get an Astronaut Figurine? 

Returnal astronaut figurines can be found in several places, but only one of them is a sure thing. These artifacts can be found randomly in containers (chests) or purchased with 250 Obolets from fabricators.

They can also be found, by sheer luck, from damaged fabricators, some of which are found in out-of-the-way places you can get to by using the Icarian Grapnel. Though purchasing them from these fabricators costs fewer Obolites, getting one is completely arbitrary. 

Astronaut figurines can also be found after completing each house encounter. They are always found on the ground outside the house once you complete the story sequence. Look for a purple aura around them. 

Get a Trophy for Dying: Second Chance

The first time you use an astronaut figurine artifact, you’ll resurrect and pop the “Second Chance” bronze trophy for being “returned by an artifact.” 

That’s all there is to know about the Returnal astronaut figurine. It’s a powerful artifact that is a must-get anytime you come across it on Atropos. Not only will Selene be grateful to not relive yet another cycle, but you’ll also be happy to not grind through another biome from the beginning. 

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