Return Zipcar Early

Zipcar rents out vehicles from its fleet at a fleet sale rate according to minutes, hours, or days from its offices, mobile application, or even a phone call. It charges an annual membership fee as well along with the price of renting a vehicle. Zipcar has more than one million active members worldwide that regularly rent their vehicles at an economical cost of operation. 

Here, we will be discussing the following topics:

How do you Rent a Zipcar?How do you return a Zipcar earlier than rented?What vehicles can you rent at Zipcar? 

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How to return a Zipcar early?

Returning your rented Zipcar earlier than the time you rented it is just as simple as renting it in the first place. To return your Zipcar, park it in the original location you picked it up from with at least one-fourth tank of fuel(covered by the rent fees), and use the mobile app to end your trip.

Use your mobile app or your Zipcard to lock the doors of the vehicle and it is done. You have successfully ended your trip earlier than the allotted time. The vehicle will now become available to be rented by other Zipcar members. 

Note that unused time is not refundable. You will not be refunded in any kind for returning a Zipcar earlier than the allotted time.

How to rent a Zipcar?

Renting a Zipcar is quite easy and convenient, not to mention economical as well. To rent a Zipcar, you just need a valid Driver’s license and a few minutes to sign up on the website or the mobile application. After that, all that is left is to pick up the nearest Zipcar and just vroom-vroom your way to your destination.

To rent a Zipcar, just follow the simple instructions given below and you will be done and verified in a few minutes. The steps are as follows:

1. Sign Up for an Account

Visit the Zipcar official website and sign up there for an account. This will require you to enter your details such as name, address, and your driver’s license particulars. Your account will be made and verified in an instant.

2. Choose how you want to zip; as an individual, business organization, or a university student

This will determine how you will be using the Zipcar vehicles. The renting process does not change much depending on this.

3. Find the location where you wish to ‘Zip’

On the next screen, put in your current location or home or office address and tap the kink to find the closest Zipcar to your current location. 

4. Selecting a plan 

Zipcar has multiple plans to choose from. There are also application fees and an annual fee that you will need to pay. With every plan comes gas, insurance, and up to 180 free miles per day.

The annual membership fee ranges from 7 USD a month up to 70 USD for an entire year of Zipcar’s services. 

5. Fill in Driver Information 

Now, fill in the requisite details about who will be driving the car. You will need a valid Driver’s License for this step.

6. Select Payment Method

Select one of the payment methods on the website to pay for your Zipcar via a credit card or any other mode of payment available.

7. Wait for Zipcard

Once your application is verified, you are sent a Zipcard that will be used to open the doors to any Zipcar you wish to rent. This card will be read by the card reader near the windshield of the car and the door will be unlocked once it is verified. The keys are always found inside the Zipcar itself.

8. Zip your way to your destination

It’s done. Now, pay for the ride and use your card to drive any Zipcar available nearby.

What kind of cars are available in the Zipcar fleet?

The Zipcar fleet is 10,000 strong. It has hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, and Minivans as well as cargo vehicles, and luxury vehicles. Zipcar offers vehicles of more than 50 types, makes, and models.

The Zipcar fleet is divided into two categories, Zipcar Flex and Zipcar Roundtrip. Flex vehicles can be taken from any nearby spot after paying the fee and can be left at any designated spot after ending the trip. Round Trip vehicles must be parked only at the same spot they were collected from.


We discussed Zipcar, an American car-sharing company that now operates in 9 countries and 500 cities worldwide. We listed the steps to rent a Zipcar and also to return a rented Zipcar before due time. We also talked about the type of vehicles available to rent.

Do I need to pay for gas in a Zipcar?

No, the price of gas and insurance is included in the rent charges themselves.

Can I leave my Zipcar anywhere after ending the trip?

No, you can leave your Zipcar Flex or Roundtrip only at the designated spot as shown on the mobile application. You must leave your vehicle with at least one-fourth tank of gas for the next user’s convenience.

Is Zipcar available 24×7?

Yes, you can book the nearest Zipcar and take it for a ride anytime you want as long as there is a vehicle available. You can book a Zipcar as early as a year in advance.