You quickly want to buy, but you are hesitating because of your previous experience with unsatisfying or defective jewelry, delivered by jewelry companies. Now, you are wondering if Skrt has a return policy for jewelry that does not satisfy a customer or is defective.

Originally, for every jewelry Skrt sells, there is a return policy that covers it, for as long as 14 days after the purchase of the jewelry. What this means is, when you buy any jewelry from Skrt and you are not satisfied with it or it is defective, you can return it, so long as it is within 14 days of purchase.

But as part of their assurance of quality service, an option of a lifetime guarantee, has recently been made available by the company.

Read below to find out more about the return policy of SKRT jewelry.

SKRT Jewelry Return Policy

Skrt is one of the companies that have seen massive growth recently. The company has experienced huge turnovers on all fronts. This growth can be credited to several factors. One of such is their return policy for their products, such as their jewelry.

Skrt’s return policy covers the return of any unsatisfying or defective jewelry, which was bought by a customer, in as much as it is returned to the retailer within 14days of purchase. What this means is, you can send a return of the jewelry back to the company, within 14 days. These 14 days are counted from the day you receive the jewelry (that is the date you receive delivery of the jewelry by courier).

However, the jewelry has to be returned alongside the signed return form and the invoice. There is no restriction to the courier used to return the jewelry.


Skrt holds the right to reject any return of jewelry that does not satisfy the requirements of its return policy.  These requirements include:

Returning within 14 days of purchaseReturning the jewelry unused, packaged, and in readable condition. This does not apply to the defects that arise from the manufacturer’s fault. The jewelry must be in its original condition (that is, complete, with purchase documents).  All the information required to identify the return of the jewelry must be met. This information includes the name of the customer written on the package.


It is worth noting that every shipping cost that is procured during the return/exchange of the jewelry, including the re-shipping fee, will be paid by the customer.

As earlier stated, Skrt has made available an option of a lifetime guarantee, which covers their jewelry. Keep reading to find out more about this Skrt’s lifetime guarantee.

Skrt’s Lifetime Guarantee

The company has made itself responsible for providing high jewelry quality. They have made claims to design their jewelry with the best materials. 

As such, they are confident that their jewelry will last for as long as possible once purchased. This has led to the company’s provision of a lifetime guarantee for their jewelry. Yes, you read that right. 

Once you purchase jewelry from Skrt, there’s no limit to the period you can return it, if you find it defective, faded, or unsatisfying. The defective piece will be replaced by Skrt, free of charge. However, this applies to product damages due to normal wear.

Even if the damage comes from an abnormal use (like water age, scratches, or breakage from an accident), you are still entitled to a lifetime guarantee of replacement. However, you will have to pay 50% of the original price of the jewelry. 

How to claim your lifetime guarantee from Skrt?

Now that you know of the lifetime guarantee provided by Skrt, you are probably wondering how to go about claiming it.

It’s simple. All you have to do is:

Get their lifetime guarantee claiming form.  Write your order number and full name on it.  Next, you submit two clean photos of the defective product.

After you have submitted the form, you will get a response from the company’s customer support within 72 business hours. If they are satisfied with your order, you will be asked to ship the piece back to them, free. However, in cases where the damage is not from normal causes, you will be asked to pay a cost of 50%gj of the original price, for an exchange of the piece.


Recently, jewelry fanatics have reportedly rated Skrt jewelry as one of the most reliable. This high rating can be partly due to the company’s conditional free lifetime guarantee of replacement. This article has explained this return policy provided by Skrt.

Does Skrt’s lifetime guarantee cover for loss of jewelry?

Skrt’s lifetime guarantee covers the loss of jewelry. However, you will be required to pay 50% of the original purchasing price.

What is the next step to take if the company does not reply after 72 hours of submitting a lifetime guarantee claim form?

Simple! Call their customer service on +1(305)713-2828