However, there comes a time when a purchased item does not live up to satisfaction. Or the size you might think will fit doesn’t. It looked fine at the time of purchase and, then you realized it’s something you were not looking for, now you have to go through a tiring process of returning the product 

Sarraf Jewelers have completed a decade in this industry and surely provide the best to their customers. They believe that the product must match the customer’s taste and elegance, and fulfilling the requirement of each individual is their top priority. But do Sarraf jewelry have a decent return policy? Where you do not have to go through hoops and spend a week to return a piece of jewelry?

Here is everything you need to know about the return policy of Sarraf Jewelry:

What is their extended holiday return policy?

Extended holiday means during the time of holiday season such as Christmas they extend the period of returning the product. For example, An item from November 1. 2021 to December 25. 2021. the returning duration begins 26 December 2021. However, this fully depends on the store on when to begin the refund policy every year.

Sarraf Jewelry return policy:

At Sarraf, they care for their customer’s need and understands their requirement. This is why they have built an easy to return policy. If you are not content with the purchase you have made, you can surely return it. However, they do have exceptions on refunding a few items.

Please ensure the package is unused and in its original packaging. No refunds will be made without a copy of the invoice. If you have engraved any of the purchased items, the refund is not applicableNo refunds will be made on shipping surcharge. Customized items, altered items, or damaged items will not be refunded or exchanged. Engraved watches and bangles are nonrefundable.

Returning your order:

Please follow the given instructions to avail refund or exchange on any item bought from Sarraf Jewelry inc. 

Note: Item will only be refunded or exchanged within the period of 30 days from the day of its purchase. The item should be in the exact condition as dispatched to you.


Affix the original copy of the invoice or confirmation order via mail. Pack your parcel in its original material and boxes. If your purchased item came in a diamond appraisal certificate, affix them with the original packaging. Drop your package at the nearest courier service. Sarraf jewelers recommend FedEx or UPS for fast and safer delivery. The company does not take any charge of stolen or damaged goods. Kindly pack your item with utmost security. Do not mention Jewelry anywhere on the box for security purposes. Send your returning item toSarraf Inc.

Attn: Returns

650 South Hills Street, #728

Los Angeles, CA 90014


The procedure of exchanging goods is quite similar to returning. However, they are a few things to be mentioned.

Attach the original copy of the invoice. Use all the original packing material that you received your parcel in. If you are replacing your item with a new one, please write the stock number of the new piece. Also, attach a note for exchanging goods. Use FedEx or UPS for fast and secure deliveryThe company is not responsible for any lost or damaged goods. Do not mention Jewelry anywhere on the package for security purposes. Send your exchanging package toSarraf Inc.

Attn: Exchange

605 South Hill Street #728

Los Angeles, CA 90014

Note: Any item that is altered, used, or non-resaleable does not withstand the return or exchange policy.

Once you have gone through all the procedures, it’s time to wait. Once they receive your return goods, they send your parcel to Quality Assurance Department. After checking the goods, the procedure of refunding begins. 

You will receive your credited amount within seven business days once all the required process has been completed. 

Q1. Can engrave rings be returned or resized?

Sarraf Jewelers do not refund goods that are engraved. However, items with personal engraving may be exchanged, returned, or resized with exceptions. 

Q2. What happens if my return parcel is lost?

If your return parcel never reached the Wearhouse you will not receive any refund as the company is not responsible for the lost goods.

Q3. My returned parcel was sent back to me.

If they sent you back your returned item, then the package might not have stood with their returning policy guidelines. Please contact their customer service by visiting their website.

Q4. Can I return an item that is over30 days?

No, the company only avails a refund on that item that is returned within 30 days of its purchase.