Previously, The North Face had a 30-day return policy for products; however, in the wake of COVID-19, the company updated its policy by instituting a 60-day return policy. According to the organization, customers can return online purchases made before or on November 26, 2021, online, or at The North Face retail stores before January 31, 2022. After that period, clients can return purchases online or at the company’s stores 60 days from the date of purchase.

Noteworthy Considerations

1: One cannot make an in-store return for items bought online on, Klarna, Apple Pay, or PayPal. Instead, they should complete their return by using the pre-paid shipping label on the shipped package.

2: Customers should ensure that they do not tamper with the items they wish to return by using or washing them.

3: If a customer bought an item from a 3rd party or a re-seller and were unsatisfied with it, they should return it to the same party.

Why Companies Have Return Policies

To Enhance Trust

Companies want their customers to consider them as dedicated to providing the best products and services. A return policy would work to convince a client that a company is intent on giving them value for their money. Otherwise, a person would deem a company inconsiderate and only out to enrich itself when it does not return faulty goods or refund buyers who feel shortchanged. A return policy would foster customer relations, thereby leading to more sales and good relationships between a corporation and its customers.

To Woo Customers

Return policies appeal to potential customers. Those who realize that a company has a return policy would be attracted to buy items. Understanding that they have the option to return dissatisfactory goods will attract customers who would otherwise be uninterested in buying certain items. The feature will woo many who would be unafraid to shop as they would have the privilege to forego what they deem unworthy. It is plausible that many would prefer an outlet with a return policy over those without as one would command more trustworthiness. The availability of a return policy inadvertently states that the goods within an outlet are of superior quality since they cannot willingly incur losses through the process of returning goods.

Compliance With the Law

In some parts, some legislations require certain businesses to provide a certain standard of goods. Violating these set standards may mean the prosecution of those guilty; therefore to avoid fines or jail time, companies opt to have return policies. Such policies will ensure that the enterprise conforms to the law of the land. Failure to produce good products may lead to the shutdown of an enterprise or even a ban on conducting business. As a result, business owners aim to meet the standards required by including return policies in the goods they supply.

To Uphold Professionalism

Any business enterprise that wants to be considered as a serious operant should adhere to certain guidelines. Ensuring that the products released to the public are of a certain quality is a characteristic of any enterprise that wishes to maintain a good reputation or wants to advance its business. Professionalism dictates that the enterprise should ensure the satisfaction of its clients; therefore, in case a faulty products lands in their hands, it is the duty of the enterprise to exchange it for a better product. When such businesses maintain the habit of ensuring that customers get the very best quality, then they establish themselves as leaders in their sectors which boosts their reputation and businesses.

Requesting A Free Return To The North Face

1: On your account, determine the items to return, specify the reason for their return and their return method then adhere to the instructions outlined. Subsequently, print the return label provided.

2: Seal and package the returning items well. Attach the return label onto the packaging.

3: Deliver the products to the selected location yourself or with the help of a carrier

4: Once the return is processed and affirmed, the customer will receive a confirmation email. On inspection and determination of the standard of the returning products, The North Face will refund claimants within 14 days. Customers are responsible for the condition of the goods until they get to the company’s locale.

The Psychology of Return Policies

Whereas many may say those return policies are only intended to provide customers with the best quality of what they want, they have other hidden agendas as outlined above. They are meant to improve the image of a company and buy the trust of both potential and current customers. They indicate that a company is not only intent on making a profit, even if it means that that comes at the expense of their customers, but that it cares about the desires of their customers; they would go to great lengths to ensure their satisfaction. Many companies flip the concept of return policies to serve as a marketing and advertising campaign that embellishes their image and enhances their reputation for exemplary customer care.


The North Face has a return policy to ensure its customers enjoy exemplary services and products. The company’s willingness to include warranties is a testament to the establishment’s intentionality to have happy customers and develop a good reputation for its business dealings. Moreover, the extension of thirty more days to the return period attests to the organization’s commitment to serving its customers well and attracting more clients from the many fashion brands in competition today.

1: What aspects disqualify an item from claiming a return or replacement?

Items destroyed by negligence, natural wearing off, or accidents do not qualify for warranties; however, the company can repair certain products at a fee which will include shipping charges.

2: How long does a returned product take to get to The North Face?

An item to The North Face may take between 10-15 days to reach them.