Return policies usually include some rules based on which you can return or exchange your item. If you do not abide by these rules, the employees may not accept your return. Instead of wasting valuable time persuading them, you can find out their return policy in advance and make the process hassle-free. 

Return Policy of Kate Spade 

Kate Spade only accepts returns for products that were sold or shipped in the United States and Canada. For items that were purchased full price, they accept returns up to thirty days from the date of buying on the receipt.  To be eligible for return:

The product should be in good condition, unused and not damaged by the buyer. The original packaging and any tags should be attached. Keeping them attached is very important, your return might be rejected without the tags.  You will need to have the receipt ready. If you misplace the receipt, you will have to talk to the employees to find out what your options are.  

Note: Items that were bought from their physical stores should be returned to a physical store only. You will have to visit the store and explain your situation to a staff member who can help you out with your return.

Exceptions: The items that were purchased on sale, with discounts, should be returned not more than fourteen days from the date they were bought. 

Steps To Return Your Package at Kate Spade

The steps to return a package at Kate Spade are:

Find the original packing slip that you had got with your purchase. In the original packing slip, fill in the returns section. You can keep the non-returns section as a record with yourself. Pack the item in its original packaging. Make sure everything is in order with the package. Stick the prepaid shipping label on the front of your package. This way, you can ship it for free. Now, you need to ship the package and you’re done. You can note down the tracking number of your shipment in case it has any problems.

Note: If you do not have the free returns label with you, don’t worry. You can contact Kate Spade customer care at 866-999-5283.

Online Returns

Online returns are only acceptable If you ordered your item from their official website, If your item was purchased from other stores and websites, they will not accept an online return even though it was manufactured by their brand. However, you still have an option to exchange the item only if you visit their store.

If you know there is a possibility of returning an item that you buy from Kate Spade, make sure to order it from their official website only. If you made an online order, you can return or exchange it at a New York Kate Spade retail shop.

What Cannot Be Returned

 Items that were sold as final sales will not be accepted as returns.  Surprise sales, some promotions are considered as final sale merchandise, so they cannot be returned.  Items that were sold with a 50% or more discount also cannot be returned. If the item is not in original packaging with tags attached, it will not be accepted for a return.  Lighting, personalized items purchased through their monogramming program, home fragrances, beauty products, and legwear cannot be returned. All these products are considered final sale items.

After The Return

Within thirty days of Kate Spade receiving your return, you will get a refund or a replacement. This process is not complex, and the consumer will not have to do anything. 

Getting a refund will include the cost of the item and any sales tax that was charged. It will not cover shipping or gifting costs unless the manufacturer is at fault. 

They will refund the amount to the same payment mode you used to purchase the item. If you are returning an item that was given to you as a gift, you can get a gift card for the same amount.


Kate Spade has a simple, standard return policy. As long as everything regarding your package is in order, you will not have any problems returning or exchanging your product. Remember to keep everything you received when you buy or order from Kate Spade in case you need to return it later. If there is a problem, you can visit their store and talk to the employees or call their customer care. Either of them will be happy to help you out. Happy Shopping!