Return Policy Of ATT (2022) Phones

There is a return policy at the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T). You have Fourteen days to return the phone to AT&T from the time you buy or get it.

The phone, however, should be in good working order and not be damaged, faulty, or broken. Notably, phones that are delivered damaged could be returned as well. AT&T accepts phone returns both in-store and online.

How to return AT&T Products

One can either return the items bought from AT & T either through postal mail or by dropping them at their stores. We’ve broken out both methods for you in detail below.

In-Store Returns

If you want to return your things in person, you can do so at any AT&T store within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. To return AT&T items, follow the procedures below:

Only those who bought their gadgets from AT & T using the proper channels can qualify for a return. The proper channels are as follows:

AT&T retail outlet that the company ownsAT&T can be reached by phone or online at att. com.

Prior to actually continuing with the refund, you must first identify the nearest outlet.

After inspecting the store, take the invoice and go to a nearby store.

Ensure you have a return receipt for the order before traveling to the store.

Submit the item’s purchase confirmation email and the return receipt to the customer service desk. They’ll assist you with the return process. 

Return through postal mail

You must pack and mail your things back to the company’s address if you wish to return them via mail.

If you want to use the shipping label to return the item that you had bought, you must first complete the following steps:

Include all original components, such as the device, charger, battery, unopened software, manual, and a copy of the receipt or invoice, in the return package. With the original packaging, you would have received a return label. Find and affix the return label to the package. If you can’t find the return label, call customer service.

The return instructions are printed on the product’s return slip.


The AT&T telecommunications firm accepts phone returns. Customers have two weeks from the day of purchase to return the device they bought for any reason. However, the device should be in excellent condition the same way you bought it. Customers can either return the phone in person or send it to AT&T. One should carefully pack the equipment with all of its accessories in both cases, and the buyer should produce confirmation of purchase.

How can I obtain a refund for an AT & T device I decided to return?

When AT & T gets the phone, it examines it first and then releases your money for the return. AT & T will make the reimbursement using the same method you used to make the purchase. The credit may take up to two months to be reflected on your account, and AT&T may subtract restocking costs or shipping charges from the refund amount.

Is it allowed to return gadgets purchased online to their retail stores?

You may return anything you bought online to their retailers. Customers must also submit their receipts to commence the refund transaction. AT&T has a strict return policy. It does not accept returns beyond two weeks from the date of sale.

Is it acceptable to return products that I purchased online to the outlets?

You could bring items back to any outlet if they were bought online. Clients must also produce their receipts to initiate the refund procedure. AT & T, in particular, has a strict return policy. It does not accept returns after two weeks from the day you bought the device.

Does AT &T accept Swaps?

Yes, AT&T will let you swap your handset. However, you must complete the exchange within two weeks of getting the device. Then, rather than returning the phone, you can swap it for a new one. However, you must pay a restocking fee if you want to swap your phone for another device. 

Customers can also return the phone if it is defective after it is delivered. This transaction will also take two weeks. When swapping a damaged product, there are no replacement fees.