Even the big brands make some mistakes. So, if you have purchased any piece of jewelry from AAFES and didn’t like it then, you can easily return it. You can visit their local Exchange place to get that done. There you can easily return that piece of jewelry with the help of their associates, who are very friendly and quick. The Jewelry piece must be returned within 30 days of buying or delivery to your door. Let’s look deep into the return policy of AAFES jewelry.

Return Policy of AAFES Jewelry

The merchandise bought from AAFES must go for an In-store refund policy. Below are the limited days, policies, and list of things that you must follow while returning goods to the AAFES store.

Goods such as jewelry, digital cameras, furniture, watches, mattresses, gas-powered items, and Government-issued clothes (DLAT) must be returned within 30 days of buying.  Equipment such as computers, GPS units, tablets, iPods, peripherals, or any pre-recorded videos, games, or music needs to be returned within 15 days of purchase.  At the time of return, the items must not be damaged.  Opened iPods, special orders, gift items, prepaid music or video, wireless phone cars, pre-owned handbags, etc are not eligible for return. If you want to return them you will not get a refund.  If any goods or jewelry has been purchased from the marketplace such as malls or specialty then, the vendors will handle the return as well as the refund process.  If the purchased jewelry is a diamond one and costs over $1000 then, go for their address on the website to return it.  If you have got a damaged piece of the product then, after returning the jewelry you will get the full refund.  Don’t try to return it after wearing the jewelry or making any mark on it. Your return will get rejected immediately.  If any tag has been attached, don’t remove them if you want to return the jewelry.  

Returns And Refunds:

Various return methods and refund processes featured by AAFES are given below.

Online Return: You can return the purchased item by going to their website. If the product comes under the policies given then they will surely help you to return the piece. The products must be in new condition to be eligible for a quick return.  Holidays Return Policy: They have extended their holiday return policy. It was done for the online as well as in-store customer’s convenience. If you have bought the piece of jewelry from the store between 1st November to 24th December then, you can go for the holiday policy. It means you can return it by 31st January. The jewelry must be in good condition and you must have the store receipt of online or in-store purchase to be eligible for return.  Return your first stop: You can return it in your nearest AAFES store whether you have bought it online or in-store. Those exchange stores will not accept any damaged items. So, if the item is damaged then, go for consulting the customer care instead.  Return through mail: You can simply return the jewelry by mail. You just have to place a return request from the order history. In case, you are unable to find the original boxing, pack it with a sturdy and good box. Also, add some bubble wrapper or paper to avoid any shipping damage. Don’t forget to print the return label and affix it to the parcel before shipping.  

Follow the conditions of the return policy provided by AAFES jewelry if you want to return your jewelry. Go for any of the return methods. If you have bought it after 1st November or before 24th December then, you are still eligible to return till 31st January.

Q. How will I get my refund?

Ans: If you are returning any item on AAFES then you will get the refund in the same process you bought it.

Q. What are the items you buy on AAFES?

Ans: The list is quite big. You can buy jewelry, watches, clothes, mattresses, furniture, televisions, camera, wireless phones, computers, tablets, GPS units, and many more.

Q. What is the specialty of AAFES?

Ans: You can personalize any item for yourself. You can get prepaid music from here along with gist cards, phone cards. They also have pre-owned handbags and watches for sale.