Under the Happiness Guarantee, Yankee candles allow customers to return all available products within 28 days from their initial purchase. You can either choose a refund or exchange. If you opt for a refund, the company refunds the entire amount in the original method of payment.

Here are the instructions for returning the item at Yankee candles,

How to return the item? 

The items can be returned either through the mail or can be returned to the nearest Yankee Candle store.

A.If you wish to return it to the store, you will need to bring,

-The item to be returned 

-The card used during the time of purchase 

-The receipt or even email 

     If paid through PayPal, then the refund will be received through the email from which the purchase was made and if made with a combination of credit card and gift card the amount will be refunded to the e -gift card, and any remaining balance will be done through the credit card.

B.If you are unable to return it to the store, you can always mail it to Yankee Candle Company at the following address

Returns & Exchanges

175 Heritage Drive

Pataskala, OH 43062 


Yankee Candle Returns

1 Plain Road

South Deerfield, MA 01373 (for personalized candles only) 

along with the following details

-Your contact information

-Return address

-Info on whether you want a full refund or an exchange

-The product you want in exchange for the item you are returning

   If bought online attach the return form to the packing slip found in the original package.

If you paid your online purchase using a combination of a credit card and a gift card, you will be refunded for the gift card amount to an e -gift card which will be emailed to you. Any remaining balance will be refunded to the original credit card, not exceeding the amount charged on this payment method.

How to return a defective item

Sometimes the items bought online can arrive with some defects like damages or parts being missing. In this case, the company instructs the customer to first contact customer service using the number  877-803-6890 before returning the item. A customer service representative will then instruct you on further steps on returning the item.

What items cannot be returned 

Yankee candles do accept the return of all available if the customer isn’t satisfied with their products but some products cannot be returned such as a completely burnt candle. But a used candle can be returned if the customer isn’t happy with the product.

 How do I return without a receipt?

If you want to return an item but have lost your receipt you can still return it if you have any other form of payment such as an order confirmation email. Yankee candles employees can also look into their transaction history if the payment was done with a card. If paid through cash, you will need to have alternative proof of the payment.


 The return policy at Yankee candles is simple and easy to follow. It accepts all available products including used ones. If not satisfied with the scent or the item as a whole, the policy lets you exchange it or return the item. You can even return defective items (provided the defect took place during the manufacture )because Yankee candles take customer satisfaction pretty seriously. 

Frequently asked questions

Q.1)Can you return personalized products to Yankee candles?

A.Yes personalized products can be returned.

Q.2)How to return damaged products?

A.If the product is damaged, first, contact the customer service who will guide on further process.

Q.3)Can I return a used candle to the Yankee store?

A.Unless it is completely burned down, you can return the used candle. You can also exchange it if it is an in-season candle. If it isn’t then, the store might give store credit.

Q.4)When I can expect to get my refund?

A.The Refund process can take about 3-5 days. The customer will receive their refund through the card they used during payment.

Q.5)How to return a Yankee candle jar?

A.If you want to return it Drop it off at the nearby store and the store will gladly accept the jar and recycle it.

Q.6) Can I return a broken candle? 

A.For any damages, items contact customer service before returning the product