This article includes the updated policy of Safeway. 

Return Policy at Safeway

Customers can return or exchange most items at Safeway as long as they have the proof of purchase and return the items to the store where they bought them. 

Items that are fresh and non-perishable can be handed back, except for liquor and baby products.

Is It Possible To Return Grocery Items To Safeway Without Having a Receipt?

They don’t give a timeframe for the implementation of this policy. Nothing compares to the time frame for returning a product. However, some guidelines must get followed when going to return a product. 

Safeway’s return policy states that they acknowledge returns but that most products cannot get returned without a receipt. Because Safeway handles returns on a case-by-case basis, there is no such thing as a time frame. 

If you return the item with an invoice, you will receive a full refund, and if the product is under $5, you will receive a cash refund.

What Can I Return To Safeway?

Returning both perishable and non-perishable products to Safeway is possible.

Returns get accepted for chicken, fresh fruit and veggies, prepared meals, milk products, and other foodstuffs.

Consumable items and non-consumables are both considered non-perishable items. Cleaning supplies, sanitary items, kitchen items, and other non-perishable items are all eligible for replacement or refund.

Customers are encouraged to return perishable items to make sure that Safeway can handle the return.

The return of flowers or plants may also get approved by Safeway.

Nevertheless, each store supervisor’s acknowledgment may get exercised, and the ability to receive a refund may be contingent on the purpose of the return.

What Products Can’t Get Returned at Safeway?

While Safeway accepts most returns, they presently do not accept returns on liquor and baby products.

Some Safeway venues may be unable to handle returns for expired food, milk products, or other rotten food since each Safeway seems to have its own limited time for allowing returns.

As a result, customers are advised to return any perishable items as soon as possible to ensure that they receive a full refund.

What Does The Safeway Exchange Policy Imply?

You are free to make an exchange at any time. However, there are procedures to follow when exchanging as per the Safeway exchange policy. 

A smooth and trouble-free transaction will be ensured by exchanging with an invoice.

However, no exchange is possible without evidence of receipt. As per Safeway policy, your exchange will be based on the store as well as the product. 

Where Can I Return Items To Safeway?

Customers who need to return something to Safeway can do this at the client service desk.

Products can only get returned to the Safeway store from where they have been originally bought. Returns will not get approved for items brought from a separate retail location.

The working hours of the customer service counter at your local Safeway could differ from those of the rest of the store.

So, before bringing your products in for return, call the store and double-check the customer care hours.

What Does Refund Policy at Safeway Entail?

When it comes to Safeway’s return and refund policy, there is no such thing as a time limit. If you bring your proof of purchase with you when returning the item, you will receive a full refund, but only when the product is under $5. 

Your refund will be in the way of a Safeway Gift Voucher if you don’t have proof of purchase. The Safeway refund policies work in this way. 

In the case of other items, the company will address them as per their situation and value.

Is It True That Safeway Returns Have a Time Limit?

Safeway does not have a company-wide return time limit because each return is on an individual scale, depending on what type of product is getting returned.

When deciding what constitutes a fair period for a return, store managers will rely on their judgment.

They may, for example, offer an extended amount of time for a non-perishable product than for perishable items like produce and meat.

Customers are needed to bring the purchases in for an exchange as fast as they can, given the uncertainty of their return timeframe. It will ensure that they get offered a full refund.


All store merchandise, except liquor and infant formula, is returnable or exchangeable at Safeway. Plants can be handed back to a limited number of store locations.

Refunds are available for both consumable and non-consumable items.

Customers must present proof of purchase when returning items to Safeway. If they don’t have a receipt, they either must advise people to make an even exchange or refund their money on gift vouchers.

All purchases should be returned to the store where they were made.