How to return something on Walmart without the Receipt?

The normal return policy of Walmart states that the return period is 90 days from the date of buying the product, But What if you don’t have the receipt for the product? The rule doesn’t change that much. The only diversion is that for this, the return will go through a short refund verification process in which the employees of Walmart are subjected to verify the eligibility of your claim.

Note that you cannot return without a receipt more than three times in six months. 

Maybe you’re thinking about changing stores, but that too won’t work because the refund verification system is interlinked and the same for every store in the U.S. Nowadays the refund verification has been automated and done without involving the customer service or the store managers.

Process of Return

You have to provide them with a valid Photo ID proof to process the refund verification. Now, if you pass the verification process, your refund will be initiated instantly.

After the initiation of the refund, here are some rules about the refund:

A cash refund will be initiated if the returned product value is less than $10. A Walmart shopping credit card will be provided with the refund as balance if the returned product value is more than $10.

What if you don’t have a valid photo ID proof but you need to return a product?

There is still an option with which you can return and get your refund without the ID proof. For this, you have to go to the store and ask the salesperson for a no-receipt return by showing them the Credit or Debit card you have paid the bill with. If you’ve paid by cash, you can ask them to initiate a return on the basis of your phone number which you had used for shopping. 

This wouldn’t guarantee your return but there is a good chance that you will return home with the refund, not the product. However, going with a valid ID proof will always give you an upper hand in getting an instant refund.

As you have to return the product before getting a refund, you have to physically visit the nearest Walmart store. 

But you can manually request for a no-receipt return online from the comfort of your home by following the procedure given below:

Go to the official website of Walmart. Login to your account. Select the account. Choose the product you want to return from the shopping list and click on Return or Replace. You have to give a reason for the return. Click on Return. Choose “Return to the store” and click on Submit.

And that’s all. Your return request will be submitted. 

Go to the store with the product and a valid Photo ID proof and inform them that you want a no-receipt return refund. The store will process that shortly and as you’ve already placed your return request online, you don’t have to wait in the long Walmart billing queues. 

You have to however wait until they receive your return package.

There are still some items that you can’t return without a valid receipt issued by the store. This list includes:

Electronics items (e. g. , cell phones, computers, headphones, music systems, TV etc. )FirearmsAir guns, BB palettes etc. Hearing aids and glassesTiresFresh edible items like fruits, meat, dairy items, frozen foods etc. Items that are personalized by the user and cannot be sold to any other buyerAny type of prescription medicine with or without a receipt. Sex toys 

For more information about unreturnable products:

Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt Made Simple (

Though there are various ways to return something on Walmart and get a refund instantly without a receipt, it is always better to carry the receipt with you to get out of unwanted disturbances and for a smooth refund process. If you regularly lose receipts then better store them in a file because frequent no receipt returns may void your return request in the future. 

Do we have to visit a Walmart store for the return?

Yes, you have to physically take the product to the store.

Is there any limit on how many times a buyer can request for a no-receipt return?

Yes, a buyer can only return an item without a receipt three times in a tenure of six months.

Do we have to return the item in the same store where we had bought it from?

No, you can return the item to any of the Walmart stores.

Can Walmart reject the return?

Yes, Walmart can reject a no-receipt return without showing any cause.

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