How to return your equipment? 

Now that you have decided to return your DirecTV equipment follow this step-by-step process to go about it.

Step 1, place a call to DirecTV on 800-531-5000 requesting information as to how you would return equipment for whatsoever purpose best known to you.

Step 2, you will be transferred to speak with a spokesperson we would ask you further questions that would aid processing.

When you cancel your DirecTV service, ensure that you understand all the costs involved, including early termination fees. Make sure to read your contract thoroughly before you call; otherwise, you may be blindsided with hidden costs or a higher bill.

Techniques to adapt when returning your DirecTV equipment

Through FedEx or UPSReturn Shipping LabelThrough the Return Kit

Through FedEx or UPS

What you need to do is search for the closest FedEx or UPS office where you would take your equipment. When you’ve shipped the satellite receiver back to DirecTV call the toll-free receiver support number to alert them that your equipment was returned. At the top of the box is your account number. You can also find it in your DirecTV bill. You must request a voucher from the shipping enterprise as proof that your items were returned.

Return Shipping Label

When sorting your equipment, use the items enclosed within the box it arrived in. Always remove the take-back shipping label’s voucher, the original label sent with the return shipping label, and any extra postage stamps. 

You can use the DirecTV return equipment shipping label when you send in your old receivers and equipment for any TV package to be returned. This will still apply whether you’re subscribed to Fixed Wireless Internet or DirecTV. Visit the Packages section for return instructions or call 1-855-488-4388 for more information. If you want to use your AT&T services, you need to stop by the UPS drop-off.

Through the Return Kit

DirecTV provides the return service with the package, carry-on bag, tripod, wire ties, Velcro strips, small pieces of foam padding, etc. Once you order the prepayable postage package on the site and wait for it to arrive, follow these steps:

Place your equipment inside the box with the shipping label. Send it via courier or use the post office to send it across to DirecTV.

What types of equipment should you return?

At DirecTV, there are types of equipment that you can earn back. Most times, you will get an email from DirecTV or a letter by US Mail letting you know what equipment to return once you have reached out to the support team.


If you use DirecTV, you are to return the leased DVRs and receivers, and the wireless video bridge. But you are to keep the Satellite dish, mount and pole, and the remote control.

DirecTV stream 

If you use the DirecTV stream, it’s another ball game entirely. To both return and keep, your device is what would be in use. Meaning what you should return and keep is the device only if you will stop service within 14 days of delivery or ship date. If this is unclear to you, kindly check here for more information. 

Additional information to take vital

Returning your DirecTV equipment after signing up for AT&T should be done the right way. Care should be taken to send it back safely, to avoid damage or other issues that will affect eligibility for full credit. Certain things to include are your name, account number, serial numbers on each device, extension cords, charger cord information, model numbers, and hardware piece quantity. Also, consider whether you are shipping with FedEx or USPS because of the different requirements.


In all, you do while sending back your kit, be sure to return it intact and within 21 days to avoid being charged or disengaged. If perchance the equipment is already damaged, you may be charged for this. It is also advisable that you contact DirecTV support if the equipment is faulty to get a head start on what could be done.

Frequently asked Questions

How can I get DIRECTV for free?

If you want to watch DirecTV for free, your best bet is to download the direct application. To do this is easy. All you need to do is visit your play store to search for DirecTV. Sign up, log in and start watching. However, you must have an account before you can access the access after download. To do this check

What is DirecTV’s monthly subscription charge?

DirecTV offers products starting at $74.99/mo. for 12 months plus taxes when bundled with DirecTV entertainment which has over 160+ channels. And to get even better channel deals, get DirecTV premier with over 330+ channels and 80,000+ On Demand titles.

Is DirecTV’s stream unique from the regular DirecTV?

DirecTV stream is the way to watch live sports without downtime during games, or the frustrating installation of a satellite dish. The internet connection can also be plugged into TVs with its streaming Genie device.

By cutting your bill and giving you thousands of more app selections than national cable TV providers, Satellite/FiOS from AT&T is the best choice for saving money and getting more content. Requires a DirecTV Stream Dot device (sold separately), but there are no annual contracts or hidden fees.

Is DirecTV available in Canada? 

Sadly, DirecTV is not available to Canadians because its signal has not been licensed to broadcast in the country. You could stream DirecTV which still gives you access to unlimited channels and on-demand programs on television.

Where should I take my DirecTV equipment for return?

If you would like to take your equipment in person, you should either make use of FedEx or UPS. These logistic companies will help you send back equipment to DirecTV if you this to go this route.