There are a variety of Gift Cards from Wedding, Corporate, Physical Gift cards,  etc to make convenience easy for our customers. That not only adds value to our business but provides us with an opportunity to grow further.


Different types of CASH OFFERS are available for different types of CARD’S. Hurry up and you can easily contact our customer service to know how much you will be receiving by selling your GIFT CARD, the process is a lot easier. 

It is an exciting offer you can immediately use your CASH for buying anything new from our SHOPS at a DISCOUNTED RATE. Available nearest your City/Town. Customer convenience  and satisfaction are the top priority of our management so we have devised a plan and system that works well for all:

Different types of customersDifferent types of goods and servicesIs Accessible within the reach of our customers. Services Quality is assured. Doing work on time efficiently and effectively.

New Offers

On doing an internal survey in our company it was found out that many customers are not using their GIFT CARD balances, therefore cannot avail the full benefits of Services provided by us, that is why the company initiated a new strategy for customers. 

We are only fulfilling our promises of SATISFACTION, LOYALTY, and  QUALITY towards our customers. The new offers are launched by the company to make shopping with AMAZON a remarkable experience, full of joy and amusement, to provide full access to all Goods and Services provided by us –

To Make

Our products and services are within the reach of all customers who are currently not using their gift cards.

To make a way for the idle money in the gift cards to be utilized property.

New experiment for serving, our company takes on new initiatives for enhancing customer growth with us.


Your remaining balance on the gift cards will NOT lapse; it will be transferred to your BANK Account within 24:hours of Bank Working days.

Our customers can use the cash for buying the following items at a Discounted Price and a FREE delivery – 

Some List includes; 

Wedding AnniversaryGroceries Home Decoration Books available, etc.

KindleE-booksPrime musicMovies 

Immediate CASH TRANSFER to bank or CASH IN HAND available at our shops.

There will be a special SALE in which all the sellers of GIFT CARDS only will be invited, for having a marvelous moment.


ETC, much more than listed above.

Procedure To Be Followed?

Fill in the FORM with an easy procedure, and fill all the mandatory boxes.  

Check for the remaining money to be transferred to your account in case of transfer provide your necessary Banking Details to us 

Check your special offers available at your CARD and apply Early to get Early benefits, because some Cards have more offers than others.

You can contact our nearest shop for full details at a convenience all you need is to carry your Card.


Customer Satisfaction is the number one priority of our company, there is nothing more valuable to us than the happiness and content of our Customers. The new offer will not only EXCITE you but you will also feel more satisfied with our Quality of Services

By returning GIFT CARDS you will get more than you have invested in the Gift Cards. There are a lot of OFFERS, EXCITING PRIZES, and much more available which you can see on our website or nearest Shop.

Our customers can earn a lot of CASH by only following simple steps and can see the Excitement by themselves.

Q. What is SPECIAL about our offers?

There are special CASH offers for some Gift Cards. There are Offers on some types of cards more than others. You can check our list provided.

Q. How to contact for inquiries?

Contact our customer care executives on our Toll-free number or nearest shop for all inquiries and offers.

Q. In case of dissatisfaction what to do?

You can contact any local shop or online at our website, the toll-free no is provided at our website.