I often find myself sitting at my desk or working around the house while my music is playing over iTunes on my computer. For a while, I tried looking at various wireless Android apps that would give me access to my library, playlists and different playback controls, failed to find one that got it right, then over a year ago, Retune came out. It did everything I wanted and more, and has been improving ever since. One of the most important requirements of a remote application is to be easy to setup and as seamless as possible with future connections. Retune manages that very well, by plugging into iTunes’ own remote feature. If you’re on the same WiFi network on both your Android device and your computer, you simply have to launch Retune and click to add a Library. You are then given a 4 digit passcode by the app. Head to iTunes on your computer and your phone/tablet should appear in the sidebar under Devices. Select it and enter the 4 digits you were given by the app and you’re good to go. Retune is given access to your full iTunes library and makes good use of it. A side menu lets you switch between the different views like Now Playing, Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs and Genres, but also the Radio, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Audiobooks and more. Select your library or browse to find the song or movie you want and select it. The media will start playing on your computer and you are directed to Retune’s Now Playing screen with the options to shuffle, repeat, start the visualizations and launch Genius. You can even manage your Up Next queue to organize your music files in the order you want. Another way to find the music you are looking for is to use the Search button that is prominent on the top of the screen in all parts of the app. Search will find any artists, albums, songs and let you access them easily. Retune comes with a lot of additional features that improve the experience even more, like built-in volume control, playback pausing when you receive a phone call, a light and dark theme, and more. As for controls, you can either use the app, its widget, the app’s ongoing notification, and the lockscreen. For a free app with no ads and no in-app purchases, Retune stands up to my expectations of a good iTunes remote controller and even surpasses them in some respects. If you use iTunes as your main media player on your computer, and you have an Android device, there is no option I would recommend other than Retune.