Go for the choices here, which are well-suited to playing on the Chromecast. They’re nearly all family-friendly designed for playing with a group, making for a fun night of high-tech play. The Chromecast may not meet the expectations of Android TV gaming, but it has some good options for livening up a party. Each player select their answers on their phone (there’s an app for Android iOS) in response to the questions broadcast on the screen.  I found the questions tend to slant pretty heavily toward pop culture entertainment. So if that’s your thing, you may do well you’d definitely crush me. The game doesn’t just lock you into picking one of four answers, as you have some questions like the following: slide the order of three Ne-Yo songs in the order of their release. Big b Quiz (free) If you don’t like the h you were dealt, shake your phone for a new batch. As a play off of the traditional board game, some letters will have double letter or word point value if you use them during gameplay. Scrabble Blitz (Free) The questions don’t require difficult calculation, it’s about how quickly you can answer. Up to four can play, the first to a total of 10,00 points is declared the winner. Another kudo for the game is its use of Material Design. It has thin fonts, bright colors sharp colors to feel right at home on a llipop device. Math Duel (free) Up to four players can use their phones to drop the virtual checker pieces onto the virtual game structure. Use gestures to swipe, rotate, or direct the pieces into specific slots on the gameboard. You can play this one solo, trying to outdo yourself each time by coming up with the highest score. It’s smooth lag free, one of my favorites from this group of games.  Connect 4 Quads (Free) However, Emoji ay is a fun choice, it throws in a good competitive element by letting you zap other players with cards that slow their progress. Emoji rty (free)