What is Exitium 3D?

Exitium 3D is a retro FPS game that is a mix of DOOM, Wolfenstein 3D and Hexen with RPG and dungeon crawler mechanics. It is being developed by 18-year-old Polish indie developer Jakub Cislo, under the name Buckshot Studios. The game is being developed using the Unity Engine.

It will feature 3 episodes, containing 10 levels each, upon release. Throughout the game, players will level up and be able to upgrade their stats, find secrets within each level and of course kill tonnes of monsters.

Anyone who pledges €5 or more to the Kickstarter will receive early access to the game, which is estimated to release in March 2017. Cislo has promised there will be additional episodes added to the game after release.

Going full blown retro

Exitium 3D is a game that very much harkens back to the earliest days of FPS games and gains its inspiration from the many classics of yore. From its gameplay to its mechanics and visuals, everything about it the game is about nostalgia.

To add it to the retro feel even further, the game has a shareware version available to download on GameJolt for free. The shareware version contains the first four levels of episode one, four weapons, and some more surprises. It is definitely a title to keep an eye on for those who love everything retro in video games.