What is the retro fitness cancellation policy?

At retro fitness, you can cancel your membership with no additional penalty only within the first three days after subscribing. Once you exceed those three days, you only can cancel your membership at any point you want by paying three months of your membership or the complete payment of your 12 months membership. To cancel, bring in your letter and submit it to the gym owner. After 12 months of being at retro fitness, you can cancel your membership by bringing a signed letter to the manager of the gym all within the next 7 days.

What are these membership policies at retro fitness?

The membership policies of retro fitness are as follows: 

There are three flex and ultimate members. These members are non-commitment month-to-month members. They can cancel their membership in the next 7 days before their billing date. There is the core membership. This is a 12-month membership and requires full payment.  There is a paid-in-full membership. In this membership, after you have paid, there will be no refund whatsoever.

How can you cancel your membership at retro fitness?

To cancel your retro fitness membership, contact or visit the retro fitness locations where you are a member. You will be attended to by a staff member who will give you an address where you can send a written notice to cancel. Avoid submitting your cancellation request via email, send it via certified mail. A certified mail provides a record of receipt. This cancellation letter should include the following:

Your nameDate of birthPhone numberBilling address

Your reason to cancel your membership should also be stated. End the letter with a signature and date. Ensure to keep a copy of this letter for future purposes. Once your cancellation letter is received, you will be informed of any fees needed to be paid and the last date of you being a member of retro fitness.

How to transfer your retro fitness membership?

Retro fitness is located in different places. If you have to transfer your membership because you are relocating or for other reasons, it is possible. No fee is required to transfer your membership. To transfer your membership, speak to any of the staff members at the retro fitness gym where you are currently located. They will guide you through the process required. 

The process is quite simple, you have to follow the steps listed below:

Choose a Web browser you can navigate properly. Go to the official website of retro fitness(insert the URL). Log in with your username and password.  Go to the membership section. Click on the cancellation tab. Fill out the cancellation form with your name, address, membership number, the address of the club, and the date of cancellation. Submit your response. A notification will pop up on your screen. You might be required to pay the complete subscription fees.  

Before signing up for membership at retro fitness, be aware of the policies. Retro Fitness has a cancellation policy and once you become a member, it might be a little challenging to revoke your membership. It is not likely to get a refund. If you do not know the policies, It is best to make informed inquiries before signing a membership.

Is there a refund fee after canceling your membership at retro fitness?

No, there is no refund. Canceling your contract before it expires does not get you a refund. For this reason, you have to be sure before canceling your contract. 

Can you cancel your membership at retro fitness via a call?

Yes, you can. To do this:

Visit their official website.  Click the contact us icon. Dial the number. Choose the cancellation option.  A member of staff will walk you through the remaining process.  

Will I get a refund if I change my mind a few days after the subscription?

Yes. You will only get a refund with no additional penalty if you change your mind in the space of the first three days of your subscription. 

Will I be allowed to cancel my gym membership as a result of illness?

It is not easy to cancel your membership at a gym. But most often, you can cancel your membership free of charge under conditions such as illness, unemployment, disability, relocation, and so on. 

Can I freeze my membership at retro fitness?

Yes. You can freeze your membership. Talk to the staff members at your local gym.

How does location affect the cancellation of membership?

Cancellation of membership varies in different places. Some locations require about 60 days’ notice in written form to cancel and you will still have to pay for the number of months left in your contract.