Different reasons might have led to deleting your voicemail. You might have accidentally deleted your voicemail, the voicemail may have been deleted due to a system upgrade, or it may be deleted due to a factory reset that you carried out. You might have been searching for a way to retrieve those voicemail messages. Whatever the reason for deleting the voicemail, you can easily recover them. This article explains steps individuals can follow to retrieve their already deleted voicemails.

Steps To Retrieve Deleted Voicemail On Verizon

  The first question most people ask themselves after deleting a voicemail is, “can I retrieve it back?” Individuals can retrieve their voicemails. In this paragraph, we will focus on the steps to retrieve deleted voicemails.

The first step is contacting the customer care service: The voicemail might be vital to you, so you could go to any length to retrieve it. It takes a certain period before your voicemail messages are deleted from the customer care service system. You can contact them and have it retrieved. The second step to recovering your deleted voicemail is through voicemail number: With this step, the first thing you need to do is to call your voicemail, then press one, and your voicemail will be retrieved automatically. Where there is a voicemail, you want to save, press 9 and 7, where you need to delete it. Customers can also recover their deleted Verizon voicemail by using a data recovery application. The data recovery software helps users recover all their deleted voice services, especially where they were initially stored. The processes involved in setting up your data recovery software are usually straightforward. It requires customers to take a few steps, and they can recover their voicemails. Customers can also retrieve their deleted Verizon voicemail through the voicemail application on their phone. The voicemail application works by an individual selecting the “voicemail icon” after opening the application. Then scroll down, and you will find the deleted message option. Click the voicemail you would love to retrieve. Then click on “undelete”. Go back to the main screen on the application, and you will be able to see messages that you just recovered.

Reason Why Your Verizon Voicemail May Be Deleted

  Different reasons can accompany the deletion of the Verizon voicemail. Some of these are:

The deletion may have been carried out unknowingly. The user may have accidentally deleted the voicemail by probably pressing the wrong button. The deletion may have occurred due to a factory reset. It will be lost when you carry out a factory reset without backing up your messages. The deletion may have occurred due to a system upgrade failure.  


  You can backup your voicemail or save it to a memory card to prevent losing your messages in the future. Voicemails are one significant feature that a service provider offers to their customer. It can be frustrating when you mistakenly delete your voicemails, which may be very important or needed for future purposes, and you have looked for how to retrieve these messages but do not know how to retrieve them. Follow the steps stated above to retrieve your messages.

Can I retrieve my deleted voicemails by myself?

Answer: You can retrieve your voicemail messages on your own by clicking on the “voicemail icon” and then pressing one. It is a very straightforward process. You can save the message by pressing nine and pressing 7 to delete the message automatically.

What is the most common reason for deleting voicemail?

Answer: There are so many reasons that can stand to be the reason why voicemails are deleted. However, the most common reason Verizon voicemails are deleted is by “mistake”. Customers might have deleted important voicemails by mistake and will be looking for a way to retrieve such messages due to their importance to the present or future.

Does Verizon customer service keep deleted voicemail in their system for a long time?

Answer: Verizon customer service does not keep deleted voicemail in their system for a long time. Customers need to quickly call the service provider when they notice they deleted the voicemail. Once these voicemails exceed their supposed time on their systems, they can no longer recover them for you.

If I cannot recover my deleted voicemails on my own, what other option is available to retrieve those messages?

Answer: To recover those deleted messages, you can contact the Verizon service provider. They will save your voicemail message on their system for some time and will be willing to help you retrieve such messages.