Here are Retirement Signs You Can’t Afford it

Lack of a social planYou spend more than what you earnHigh level of debtYour retirement money is not investedLack of a Social Plan

According to Hannum, if your social circle is only your coworkers and your Facebook friends, you are not ready to retire. She goes on to explain that being ready for retirement does not only mean numbers but involves being prepared mentally. Have a plan of where you can stay social and ways to spend your time meaningfully. You can start a hobby, join a club, volunteer, and make friends outside your job. When you alter your daily routine from waking up early, working for so many hours to staying in the house the whole day can be daunting. The only way to stay sane is to have a social group. 

You Spend More than What You Earn

You should have a bottom line when it comes to shopping for your house. Shopping might be good for the economy, but it can affect your retirement greatly. While you are working, you might think that you will make up for the bad spending when you get the annual bonus, a raise, or even a better-paying job. However, after retirement, you don’t have these options hence need to minimize your spending. If you are currently spending more than what you are earning, you can’t afford retirement.

High Level of Debt

David Walters, a financial planner, and portfolio manager, once said that a large debt could severely affect and strain your life savings. If you have loans that have the same or higher interest rates than what you earn, pay them off. This helps to improve your financial status returns.  Industry guidelines suggest that your total amount of tax should not be more than 36% of your pre-tax income. If you are currently struggling to keep your debts below this percentage, you cannot afford retirement.

Your Retirement Money is not Invested- It is in Cash.

Taking the risk of investing your funds can help you to grow your financial basket. It can be scary to invest your life savings because it will be prone to the ups and downs of the stock market, but having them in Cash will not help you grow. Letting your retirement money sit in Cash is like putting food in the oven and not turning it on. However, if you plan to retire, you still have time to turn the oven on and invest your money.


In conclusion, retirement is a significant transition in life that needs proper planning and preparation. The first sign to know if you are ready to retire is to ask yourself if you are okay with what comes with retirement. Ensure that your retirement portfolio is well balanced, pay off your debts, and learn to invest your money. This will help to prepare you for retirement. You can also visit an experienced retirement planner to help you with the decision because they deal with so many people with a similar situation. However, the retirement decision is ultimately up to you. 

How do I know if I will have enough money for retirement?

One way to know if you have enough money for retirement is to know how much you have invested and the number of debts you have paid or should pay before you retire. However, if you are asking for a figure that you will save and be comfortable with is ten times your net salary. Multiply your annual salary by ten and you might have enough to retire.

What are the signs you need to retire?

If you start feeling that you have grown in your career and now you don’t identify with your job, your health has declined. You don’t have the energy to wake up early and spend many hours working anymore.