Update: Some 9to5 readers in the UK report an estimated delivery date of Nov. 15th.

Many online orders for the Retina iPad mini have yet to ship, but today a large number of users have now received delivery estimates from Apple and UPS. At least in the US, 9to5 readers report their Retina iPad mini orders will be arriving as early as Monday, Nov. 18. That’s the earliest estimate from UPS, but Apple is also quoting a Nov. 21st delivery date for many day-one iPad mini orders. Shipping times from Apple remain at 1-3 or 5-10 business days for all models of the device in all launch countries, but word has it supplies could be tight leading into the holidays.

My iPad Mini Retina that I ordered yesterday, shipped yesterday. Expected to arrive on Monday!

— David Heyman (@dcborn61) November 13, 2013

My iPad Mini Retina has shipped already!!!

— RST_ (@thatchman1) November 13, 2013

My iPad mini shipped!

— Evan Coleman (@edc1591) November 13, 2013

My iPad mini with Retina display has shipped. FedEx says it’ll come faster than Apple thinks. Either way, should JUST beat my France trip.

— Lex Friedman (@lexfri) November 13, 2013

iPad mini with Retina Display has shipped!

— Gannon Nordberg (@gannonnordberg) November 13, 2013