Retailers That Will Reward You For Turning In Your Old Stuff


Target is an American big retail store headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Target Trade-In Program accepts old electronic devices. In exchange for them, Target provides some gift cards full of store credits that will make your shopping at Target much easier. You can give them anything from smartphones to smartwatches or gaming consoles. In return, you will receive gift cards with huge credit points or straight away money through PayPal. 

There is also a Car Seat Trade-In Program during which customers can bring expired or damaged car seats to target and get them recycled to redeem a coupon. This program is held twice a year and provides you the opportunity to get rid of old car seats in exchange for 20% off. 

Best Buy:

Best Buy accepts a wide variety of electronic devices during its trade-in program. Devices include cell phones, tablets, e-readers, and smartwatches. Customers need to share the details of their items on their website. Best Buy provides gift cards in exchange for devices.


If you are all done with your devices then you can trade in them with the Apple Trade-In program. Apple Trade In makes it easier to exchange any smartphone which is eligible for trade-in. Customers get instant credit in exchange for the smartphone. Apple provides trade-in value to the customers and eventually, they can buy a new iPhone at a lower price. 

H & M:

Clothes are something we all want to get rid of after we are done with them. Customers can give their previously loved fashion items to the H & M store and they will provide vouchers in return. H & M has a textile recycling program under which you can turn your latest downsizing project into real savings. Every bag of clothes donated provides customers with 15% off on their clothes. H & M collects garments of any brand and conditions worldwide.


Walmart has a Gadgets to Gift Cards Program under which customers can trade their phones, tablets, gaming systems, voice speakers, and more in exchange for gift cards. Customers need to answer a few questions regarding the condition of their items and then they are provided with the prepaid packaging slip and that’s it. Walmart later emails the gift card worth. 

Trade-In Programs offered by various retailers are a great initiative to reduce plastic waste, especially electronic items which become useless after a certain time. Recycling them is the best alternative to save the environment. Customers should keep a check on the websites to know about these programs when they are thinking of getting rid of some of their old clothes and devices. Instead of dumping them into garbage cans, they should take advantage of these amazing programs which are in their favor. Apart from these stores, there are many others with the same schemes or who knows much better ones. Just be active on your favorite store’s website to learn about their trade-in policies to land yourself the best offers. 

What stores give discounts for bringing old garments?

There are multiple stores like H & M, Kiehl’s, Levi’s, Staples, etc.,

Can we exchange old items for a new one?

Apple Trade-In Program provides customers the opportunity to exchange any smartphone in exchange for instant credit towards a new one.

What do companies do with old phones?

Companies generally refurbish or cycle the phone. They sometimes also resell it by repairing it.

Does Target buy old phones?

Yes, Target Trade-In Program gives value in exchange for old phones and other electronic items.