However, the tech giant Apple’s technology seems to be much smarter!

It was last Tuesday that the tech giant Apple launched the powerful iPhone X, which stands out for bringing a new authentication system that ensures maximum security, Face ID.

What is Face ID?

Face ID is a new way to unlock and authenticate securely and is even more comfortable than Touch ID. With Face ID, the iPhone X only unlocks if you look directly at it and is set to ignore photos or masks. According to the tech giant Apple, the facial map (to create a single facial map, with more than 30,000 invisible spots are projected on your face) is encrypted and protected by the Secure Enclave. Authentication is instantaneous and takes place on your device, not on the cloud. For added security, the Face ID only unlocks your iPhone X if you look directly at the device with your eyes open (read well, eyes open). See here how it works. With prices ranging from $5 and $15, this new mask might just be a mask for embellishment. As stated by the tech giant Apple, for your iPhone X to be unlocked, you need to look directly at the device with your eyes open (although some people sleep with their eyes open).

If you are thinking of buying an iPhone X do not worry about the security of the tech giant Apple’s iPhone X because, according to the tech giant Apple, this brings the best protection system ever integrated into such an equipment. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.