How does USPS retail ground works?

Those items/packages which are rejected from first-class mail, weigh over 1 pound. Those who do not want to spend money on expensive shipping services such as Priority mail or Priority mail services. Have a package/parcel that won’t fit into Flat Rate boxes. Have enough time to get the parcel to its station. Have small size parcel sippers.

What are the USPS retail ground rates?

Retail ground rates are determined by the weight, measurement, zones, and rate class. Cost may increase as the weight and measurement increase. As ground retail rates may vary from one year to another so you can visit the above link for the latest rates.  Click on the  retail ground rates to know briefly.   

How long does USPS Retail ground take?

According to USPS, packages delivered through retail ground may take 2-8 business days, the shorter the distance speedily the parcel will reach its location on other hand, the longer the path length to reach its destination. Ground services take more time than other USPS services such as Priority mail or First-class mail because it is shipped via ground transport as compared to other services which are sent through flights. It is not 100% true that the parcel will reach you in 2-8 business days, sometimes it takes more than usual to reach its destination. [For example: if the destination is from one side of the country to another end {Los Angelos to New York} then it will take 2 weeks to arrive at its shipping address]Mail Media – USPS 

What is mail media?

Mail media is an economical way of shipping non-time-sensitive media through the US postal service. It is completely based on weight and size not the distance-based system of the parcel. Users can send DVDs, printed files, books, and sound recordings via mail media as long as they weigh less than 31. 75 kgs.

 Once you have completely labeled and sealed your package, the next step is to weigh it and print out your postage by using the feature on the media mail site. The site will calculate the estimated time and date of your package, here is the sample media mail shipping label.

USPS also allows tracking for free and can also purchase insurance and COD for your shipping item.

The maximum weight allowed for shipment is 70 poundsHowever, the various rates are charged by USPS for different weights

As shown in the above table:

Media Mail Rates for August 29th, 2021

However, rates may differ in different year. 

Things qualifies as media mail

Books Printed musicFilmSound and video recording Computer relatable mediaPlay scripts and book manuscriptsLoose leaf pages16MM or narrower pages  

Things that are not qualified as media mail

Entertainment mediaGamesBlank mediaCardsVintage magazinesEmpty bindersPencils

Though there has been much debate on the subject, it is clear that media mail is somewhat better than ground retail. But in some cases, the retail ground is not far behind media mail. This is made evident by the fact that over the last years both of them growing rapidly and continuously making more and more development in their services.

What is the USPS retail ground insurance cost?

Users can apply for insurance for up to 5000 dollars when using the services of ground retail. If an article is damaged or lost, the postal service will pay you for the value of the parcel or the repair cost of the article.

Does USPC actually check mail media?

YES, mail media are subject to inspection by mail media postal services. If the article is not eligible for the media mail, the rate may be assessed and sent back to the sender for additional stamp charges.